My Favorite Backpacking Map and GPS App – AllTrails – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing his favorite backpacking/GPS app which is called AllTrails. This is what he personally uses for his adventures and has been in testing for a full year now.

Link :
Cost : Free limited Version ; $2.50 a month, $30 a year, Lifetime $100
This is my second year of using this app and I was able to renew for $20 thanks to a promotion email which I received.

Available on : Apple and Android – I’ve only used it on IOS so I can’t comment on the Android part.

Who this is for : Hiker, Backpacker, Trail Runner, even Mountain Biker
This is an extremely popular app for a good reason; it’s awesome!

On IOS alone it has an average rating of 4.9 with over 67K+ ratings!

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Jim Rodgers says:

I haven’t been able to replace my dedicated GPS unit with a cell phone. It seems that my GPS always outperforms phones in accuracy. Also, I value the ability to be able to export my tracks (in a .gpx format) for use on and other sites. I don’t know of many phone apps that allow exporting tracks in the .gpx format. All Trails looks like a great product for the casual hiker who is into social media, but I’m not convinced that it is a full-on replacement for a dedicated GPS.

Lifestyle & Adventure says:

Luke! Always a pleasure tuning into your channel. I use AllTrails before every trip to plan and research my routes. My two favorite thing are to make custom topo maps of the region I’m exploring and also downloading the traceable trail data. I use the KML files to program my GPS watch/handheld with the route, add POI’s and even upload them to Google Earth to see the traceable routes in 3d perspective. Love it when technology and nature work together!

bigfatno says:

I have the free version of AllTrails and like it a lot. I also use ParkAdvisor, WikiCampsUSA, Hiking Project, and National Parks apps.

Thanks for the review and talking about the pay for version.

Iz Biz says:

Dude what camera do you use?…thanks

MrWinger1951 says:

The number in parentheses is the number of reviews, not the rating as you stated, when you used the Big Lost Cove Trail.

Carl Holmes says:

I heard you mention this APP in another video. I downloaded it and it is awesome. Thank you

sn47az says:

I use Viewranger in the Uk. Like your app there is a pro and free version. It includes buddy beacons which is great if hiking with others. It allows you to see their position. I use it in a search and rescue environment as a backup for a paper map.

R Stenzhorn says:

LUKE: Does it have rattlesnake avoidance mode? …I’ve used the app and your review was spot-on.

Peter Mendler Outdoors says:

Hi Luke, have I question. I have the Pro version of AllTrails also, I downloaded some maps but can’t seem to find where they are in my phone. I have iOS. Do u know where in my phone I can find them?? Thanks, Pete

Romin van der Meiden says:

It’s for the usa only?

SA Hike n Gear says:

Great app, thanks Luke

steve moye says:

I use trail forks locally in PNW

Chaucer Faux says:

Luke i can actually help you out on this review, i have android and yes the screen layout is identical, i to get the maps option.i dont have the paid for version as i dont get out much, mainly cause im lazy. i know its a terrible excuse. im working on it. i do love looking at the maps to see where they are and how hard they would be.

parkerlewiscl says:

I use Avenza maps, does anyone know any good canoing apps?

Sufu Hashim says:

good video review, I have the free version. I’m going to upgrade due to your good review . Thank you

Puppets Outdoor Adventures says:

I’ve been using all trails here in Canada and it’s awesome. It still only has a few trails in my province but it does update and I noticed more trails are being added

Bob McElroy says:

I have this as well. Did not find it easy to use until I got Pro. Now its easier, at least for the few times I’ve used it.

john reynolds says:

Is the “all trails app free?or is there a monthly or yearly fee? thanks..

akbar geberal says:

Out West in the National Forests they miss many trails. Just a heads up. Sure it will improve.

fbabdiver says:

ummm did you hear that you can download it too? ?

Adventureland Europe says:

Hey man, good review, thanks. We are doing a 4.400mile-thru hike in Europe, from Bulgaria to Spain, so trail apps are welcome here 🙂 greetings from Romania

Howy New says:

Great helpful review as always. Wolf mountain is looking good this time of year.

Raine Ticket says:

I use AllTrails Pro and Strava hiking
For running/walking at home I use Strava

Mike Cline says:


A Jolly Hiker says:

Definitely a fine application.

Sparks 701 says:

All trails has been a good app but I find I use view ranger more often.

dhession64 says:

I have this app on my phone but have not had the occasion to use it. I hope to do so soon. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Cade’s Cove west of Pigeon Forge, TN, go on the Abrams Falls trail. Well worth the time. Don’t start it after 3pm in the spring or fall since it’ll be dark by the time you get back to your vehicle. We went in the spring (prime dehibernation time for black bears) and my family and I were extremely paranoid coming back, since nightfall was coming on while we hiked back. Beautiful views, to be sure, from the highest point of the trail; you could see the river on both sides of the ridge at its peak. The sun was starting to set and it was a gorgeous view, and me w/o a camera. Oh, well.
I do appreciate the detail on the app, even the free version. I hope to use it soon.

Charles Woodward says:

Are there snake crossing warnings if they aren’t posted? Thanks for the info.

shcmoly says:

Good app, planning is important. I try to leave the tech at home when I explore the backcountry.

Rgoodin51 says:

Use AllTrails and Guthook

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