Polaris Ride Command GPS // App Review

Polaris Ride Command is not just for RZR Owners. In fact, there is a GPS app available for pretty much anyone to download. Is it worth it? In this video, we are going to check it out.

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Patrick West says:

Avenza Maps

Ryan Hellman says:

Thanks for actually doing an un-biased review

Kyle Hinsch says:

It’s awesome we love it we used it everywhere we went riding it’s great for tracking you’re rides it’s great for finding your way back to camp it tells us how many hours minutes it took we can see where we rode yesterday so the following day we could take different trails but we used it in South Dakota in the Black Hills used in Colorado in the mountains used it in Moab Utah Flagstaff Arizona all in all we think it’s a great app and it helped us find trails near us when we pull off go camping that we don’t even know about don’t know what to tell you we ride just about every single day all year long everywhere and it’s absolute musing for us and we go to all sorts of different states

Chase s says:

You forgot to mention the battery drain. Its horrible. Charger cant even keep up with it.

John jay drott says:

I use the App also and I’ve get those offshoot lines and it sure doesn’t take me 55 minutes to go 11 miles like it shows on your screen. Yes the battery drain is terrible and also the reception. It does say the trail will pick up after reception is restored but it went a different route. It works better snowmobiling because it smoother I think because the phone is moving around so much it can’t get a good bearing. I will look at the link for that magnet mount I have a Polaris etx Sportsman and I could really use something for the tank.

JD Kimbrough says:

I feel the same exact way about the app. It’s actually different from my iPad to my iPhone which makes it kind of annoying also. I recommend the new trail tech voyager. It has a buddy tracker that works without data. Looks very cool.

RZR Ron Production's says:

My question is whats the best app to use for just tracking where im going, and when im done riding and turn around and follow the trail back to my truck. Some places dont have maps, i would like to just go on trails and then be able to get back

Alan Capoldo says:

It only shows some trails for this state. The smaller ones are not on there. VV mapping is the best.

SXS Marine says:

Love that trail you showed. We go there all the time. App works very well now after updates. Group ride only works on cell phones not an iPad. I wish I could make a ride with my finger the day before

Dale Nutt says:

It’s horribly inaccurate, it’s shows trails that don’t even exist, and they refuse to change it, it shows a trail going through my property, they’re going to get someone a trespassing ticket or worse!

John jay drott says:

What can you tell me about the Garmin GPS for snowmobiles? I will look more at your channel to see if you reviewed one but for $600 I have to buy another mount and that’s a lot of money to spend. I’ve seen people on a trail use them and it does show the trail really nice but on the command app you can’t read the trail number unless you blow it up and that’s still not the same Trail number as your map.

Dirty Rice Offroad says:

We’ve used it in the past mainly for keeping track of group rides and just to find out way back to camp. What are your alternatives? You breifly talk about them but don’t actually say what they are.

Heather Lovejoy says:

I can’t get it to show the name of the trail

North Country Boyz says:

Funny experience moment….WVA. I had zero service. For shoots and giggles I opened the app anyway and started it. Nonetheless, last week (yeah, I forgot about doing all this) I opened the app only to find that even with zero cell service it actually mapped out my ride. I thought that was pretty impressive.


Chris, check out VVmapping if you haven’t. They sell micro sd cards that can be inserted into your Garmin GPS unit and it shows most (probably not all, but MANY) of the local trails in MN, WI, MI, and others have been added more recently. It is VERY helpful if you aren’t familiar with the area and it really shows the ATV trails and Snowmobile trails which can be open to ATV/UTVs as well. It also shows roads that are legal to ride on. It’s basically exactly what a lot of people are looking for. http://www.vvmapping.com

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