Police say Waze traffic app could put officers at risk

Law enforcement officers want to put the brakes on a feature of a popular navigation app. It lets users self-report traffic jams, accidents and even the location of police. Carter Evans reports on why some argue it puts officers’ lives at risk.


Ilya Elis says:

Lol…..that’s funny. They are at risk of getting fat from eating too many donuts. Waze is a good app, keep it up!

Jenny Manhattan says:

Haha and entrapping Uber drivers is ok? STFU

Harry potter says:

Cops don’t want this to be a thing, because it makes people aware of their speed when cops are present…
Isn’t that counter-intuitive?
Also, they are worried about people knowing police’s locations. Couldn’t the person just of tracked their radio signals? Or just showed up at the police station itself?

Nova says:

I mean, people should know where their “protectors” and “safe keepers” are right?

Kenith McIntosh says:

The road pirates are angry! pigs will be pigs!

J.Jarvis says:

That moment when a news report to stop something only advertises its uses to more people..

luis t says:

The real reason is that police aren’t getting enough speeding tickets that’s why they want Google to take it off.


I got more Radars than a Nuclear bomber in my pickup

FireMedic101 says:

Stop with the hateful, disrespectful, harmful police comments. The negative things are put on the news all of the time. 99% of cops are great but because of the news reporting mainly on police shooting unarmed suspects, they’re being hated. Most of the time that happens the suspect also does something he shouldn’t have done, for example: reach into their pocket. Or another example, holding an air soft gun up to an officer, from a distance it looks real. Calm down and get a job. When you grow up you’ll actually realize reality.

gabriel williams says:

It’s just because they won’t get the speed ticket money

LifeasMerna says:

in danger of not meeting their ticket quota

JohnsRadios says:

It does not put police at risk that’s just bs.

Amtrak SC-44 Fan 2105 says:

LOL aim surprised that someone made the app so they couldn’t get speeding tickets
I wished that would happen for years but now that can cause problems

rolback says:

If police don’t want people keeping track of them they should go stay in Dunkin Donuts for their 6 hour shift. The world will be a safer place with them eating donuts.

xia xiong says:

Shut up, you don’t like it course no caught , no money

Citadel says:

Good job retards.
The tickets that speeders pay go straight to the accounts of blacks on welfare, not the Police Officers.

Endettavay 85 says:

So cops don’t want to be watched but they want to watch everybody else criminals and non criminals gfoh

2G Oficial says:

Lmao that was 3 years ago

Mystery Box says:

grove street

Jessie Servis says:

3 years later and they still have it

XxChickenPukexX says:

So they want speeding tickets?

preppychrisbou says:

Stupid police.

Mike Smith says:

My chain-smoking hillbilly neighbor bribes the police in my neighborhood . They stalk and slander innocent people and people of color in the neighborhood .

jt Ramos says:

Ya the government just wants there money and what other way than tickets

Lauri Butt says:

Cool beans!

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs says:

Oh so it’s okay for them to do it to you. But you can’t to them. That’s like martial law pushing.

Secret Zexyula Teloiv says:

Avoid danger

Juan Solo says:

Who cares what pigs want? I dont.

New_ tradition41 says:

Police make money buy arresting and giving tickets to people. So of course they wouldn’t want that app available for any civilian

Who ever read my name Is a faggot says:

Grove street. Home

daimagicfan says:

need more apps like this

Armoni Q Fields says:

The Police are not worried about being in danger…Its the Money from Tickets they will loose…GTFOH

cristi nel says:

we call these policemen ‘bushmen’.

joe gonzalvez says:

Yeah at risk of losing their jobs,

Secret Zexyula Teloiv says:

It’s good to ignore evil

EL EVO says:

Debbie S Just go to a Dunkin Donut Shop, Crispy Cream and wait their a few, they are bound to show up.

Police and Government just want to control everything. Stop being Sheep’s, People.

Plus, we have a right to know where our public servant’s are at all times. It’s public information.

Austin King says:

Lies boo hoo

Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad says:

Poses a danger? I suppose sitting in that car with “Police” or “Sheriff” emblazoned on the side is considered secure, and stealthy, by the Police Chief? Ohhhh…..and walking around in a dark uniform, with metal badge, highly polished, and an equipment belt with enough stuff for a small war, is in keeping with the “gray man” concept?lol. They’re just bummed out because they won’t catch as many speeders, with concomitant loss of revenue.
Does no one ever tell the truth anymore??

Avtar Toor says:

I think cops using radar gun is a threat for every citizen lol

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