Scout GPS Navigation, Maps, Traffic – Android App Review Demo

Telenav gives Google Maps & Navigation a run for it’s money with this awesome app which includes Traffic Widgets, great Navigation capabilities, and superb search features including best priced Gas near you.

Scout is available for FREE on Google Play here:


Steven Anderson says:

I use it.. but have just a wee bit of a question… do you know how I can update the app program to give me the correct address.. I make deliveries and have exactly two so far that make wrong turns and take me away from my typed in address..   EX: at a T intersection, I’m told to go left, when the actually address is two blocks right. So I guess my question is,, how do i help them update maps and directions?

Alex Harrigan says:

At the end of your trip scout does not shut down it will continue to get you to destination, how do you get it to recognize end of destination. I love the app, just need it stop working after I have reach my destination.

theFirstWillBe Last says:

How do you get to the opening display???! I try to open it up and all I get are a couple of ads and back to the home page!

hollywoodfrodo says:

+xiixiixo Possibly… If I have time in the future.  I’m more intrigued with HERE maps as an alternate right now because they offer Downloadable Offline Map Navigation for anywhere in the world for FREE!

hollywoodfrodo says:

You’re welcome. Thanks for watching.

Dkatz52 says:

Do you know the difference between Scout and Scout Plus? I’m wondering if it has an Avoid Traffic option.

Augusto Lugo says:

I like the app, have you review WAZE and if you have what is your take? I like it because of the fact that other drivers can report accidents, weather, and police on your route, have you heard of it? Thanks for your reviews.

hollywoodfrodo says:

@skender dibrani – It uses your GPS to determine your location.  Does Google Maps show your location correctly?

changefoedabetta says:

Hey how do I upgrade to scout plus

David Utell says:

Ok so who has compared this app to WAZE, did I miss a way to report incidents or police?

Ethan Poytress says:

Hey, how did you make the bottom dock look like that? That’s cool, I want to do it too.

Augusto Lugo says:

Hi, thanks for the reply, I truly enjoy your reviews and tips, keep up the great work!!

hollywoodfrodo says:

If you type in an address it shows that dress on a map with a little bubble above it. The bubble contains the address you entered on top with 3 buttons (favorite, share, something else) underneath. If you tap on the address in that bubble, it takes you into navigation…

Crash & Burn says:

Scout came preloaded in my new LG Volt. Its my first experience with GPS and I figured it out in 5 minutes. Works flawlessly everytime and seems to be the best gps nav app.

nikeducks24 says:

My friends spam me with this app

hollywoodfrodo says:

My spouse uses WAZE on iphone. It’s pretty good, but it’s almost too much info for me. Plus now that Google owns WAZE, they use traffic info from WAZE to route people in Google Maps also. I still use both Google Maps and this app as I haven’t settled on one being my “go to” yet, but SCOUT has really impressed me. It will be interesting to see if Google leaves WAZE as a stand alone app or eventually merges it with Google Maps via Google + and does away with WAZE.

xiixiixo says:

Can you do an updated Scout Navigation video? The new update has really changed the app.

Alb boy Ldn says:

Does anybody knows how to change my location in that app i live in South London and there in skout it’s says findin North London why how to change it

Steven Anderson says:

Yep gps has right at the T. But then turns me left instead if right. Any idea when or if they get updated. Or is there a way I can let them know of error. Get video leanef more then I did before. Thank you for doing it.

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