Side by side, Google navigation and Waze navigation for Uber and Lyft passengers. Using two phones

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Ioana Pop says:

I am new to this and I have a question. I want to use Google maps or waze instead of uber map but I noticed when I did use Google map on a trip I missed another request I had. I was almost at the destination and uber now sends you requests when you are close enough to ending the trip…its there a way to see them even using Google maps? Thank you for the help.

Нуро/نورا Зарин Хан says:

Hi , what is your rating ?

jake liu says:

How do you run two navy same time? Do you have to copy the address over to other phone? Or you just turn online on both phone and select different navy system?

Greg D says:

how do you switch navigation apps during the middle of a trip? You can’t get into settings during a trip when online, or can you? I run Google, Waze to much crap. I tried to get into phone or tablet settings during a fare and can’t access it, it says I am online.

Quintin fox says:

Thanks for whay you do Torsten , great content! In my experience Wade does bring you too Stop lights, however it does make to many left/ right turns in neighborhoods and it often bring you too the back sidr of buildings, which can often be problematic especially if there is no backside access road to the front of the building.

John Walker says:

Usually the googlemaps overshoots and Waze undershoots the time to get to your destination.

I rather get there sooner than later. -googlemaps wins!

Charlie Brown says:

waze is dumb

gtracer66 says:

I prefer Waze. I run Lyft on my phone and on my tablet. Then when I get a call, Waze comes up on the tablet for navigation while the Lyft app stays prominent on the phone with my destination street address.
While I can run Lyft on 2 devices at the same time, Uber only allows it on one at a time.
Or is there a way to run Uber on both devices?

Sohail says:

Where can you get these magnets from

Marc D says:

Maps is a conservative GPS | Waze is the over-achiever GPS

Hazy Free Life says:

It still need some work it told me to turn a one way street

Simon Warner says:

A magnet can influence navigation.

Miljan Djukanovic says:

Nice story but you didn’t say how do you switch from uber maps to waze or to Google maps.
Do you have to type in the address into Gmaps or waze every time you get a request? That would be annoying.
I only use uber app because it only takes one swipe to the right and I know where I am going.
Is there a way you can sync this maps toghether so that you don’t have to type in the actual address?

Syed Ali says:

In my experience overall Waze is better then google map. Here is why, google map consume more data, has unnecessary detail that one don’t need. Worse feature in google map is zoom in and out, which is totally confusing and make you miss lane in an absolutely unfamiliar areas, which is the part of uber driving. on the other side, Waze somehow excel in that feature. One of the best feature of waze is speed limit displaying on screen, I found it amazing and there are in many occasion when I safe myself from getting speeding ticket. It is really helpful. Last but not least, info about hazards on your way. Another really helpful feature, which is night view, google is very dark and street are not easily recognizable. whereas waze is very clear and streets are easily recognizable. But recently, waze facing a bug. It doesn’t navigate to the next destination unless you close it Closing waze after every rider is very annoying. I hope waze will fix this bug. All above based on my personal experience as a Uber driver. People have the right to agree or disagree with me.

R Dixon says:

Prefer Maps. It has the lane guides which are crucial to safely negotiate confusing or unfamiliar highways. If you obey the law, you don’t need to know where police and traffic cams are located. Waze encourages interaction with your device while driving.

LA is unlike a small market. Waze gets little community input and in 5000 trips I’ve had no one has ask I use any particular app. In fact, if you bring up navigation, riders here assume you don’t know where you are going and try to “help.”

Alan Hayward says:

Magnets? Huh?

Jojo Crazy Cat says:

I don’t know what map system i use.
I just use what Uber provided when i started Uber.

Daniel Lion says:

They both have their strengths and weaknesses, I go back and forth throughout the day and always compare them against each other on any trip of significant time and distance. Waze is more creative and typically saves time, but you will be making high risk lefts and crossing streets where there are no traffic lights to help you. Waze is a more difficult drive, risk and reward ya know. Google is Mr. Consistent, it will get you where you want to be every time. Waze can sometimes get a little crazy and screw you pretty good if you’re not paying attention. New drivers should use Google, experienced drivers that know their cities should use Waze

Douglas Heeter says:

what about the new Uber navigation app. Have you tried that yet?

Ali Cetin says:

I never got any Speed ticket or any kind of ticket so Waze helped me a lot to fallow my speed and showed me any trap that we have thanks waze 😉

Colin Donovan says:

The two things I hate about Waze is it requires a WiFi connection to calculate a route, and that it never reroutes me when traffic starts to get heavy

N /A says:

Especially in Manhattan, Google knows almost all of the regulations of no left and right turns on cross streets and like that. I had a whole group in xl late for a flight I had google maps that all freaked out that waze was fastest. So 5 of us had waze on at once, Google said 1 hour exactly and waze gave each of us a different way to get there and the fastest one said 1:10 minutes. Do you know how annoying having 6 gps voices go off at once is. “Vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead”

Taxi Lanyley park says:

please explain to people that anyone can be falsely accuse on being under the influence and your account will be deactivated,lyft does not takes the time to investigate,pax will make false allegations just to get a refund

Connie Craig says:

What about changing the navigation settings in Waze? You can change it to the fastest route or the shortest. You can even change it so you don’t have to come out at dangerous intersections and dirt roads and more.

Tracy Muth says:

How do I use two phones

joe smith says:


Uber Man says:

Waze has been shit for the last week so I switched to Google maps…. then google maps sends me through tolls when It was set to avoid tolls WTF

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