Taking a look at the redesigned Maps app in iOS 10

In this video we take a look at the new redesigned Maps app in iOS 10. The apps UI has been changed around a bit but the over all experience of this app will still feel very familiar. iOS 10 comes out later this fall. Make sure to subscribe and like the video.

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Jamaar DeBoise says:

Can you do an overview like this of the News app? Does it still allow you to add websites via the share extension. That’s something i’ve been having problems with on 9.3.3

Hong Konger says:

Rather than going through each button and just talking about them, why don’t you go through each button and actually press them so we can see what it does?

strikermaxi says:

Still not worth using vs google maps or waze.

Dan Mitchell says:

Can I plot multiple locations like say 50 and find the best route?

Draagonys77 says:

I wish you could make the google maps the default app as previous IOS versions.

Corey Kidder says:

How do I edit my Home location in apple maps on iOS 10? Also, it would be nice to add my work address as well. So how would I add/edit both my Home address and my Work address in Apple Maps in IOS 10? Thanks

James Li says:

If I am in a parking lot or driveway beginning a trip how do I know if I need to turn left or right. Because the only thing that it says is north-south East or west. That’s fine when you know you’re North south or west orientation but if you don’t know , is there a way to figure

KD Dhaliwal says:

It’s more complicated and even u can’t calculate from one place to other 🙁

Haus skul says:

what is UI?, When giving a talk on how something functions you need to treat the audience as though they know nothing for all those people that aren’t geeks , Bad video

carlosrome87 says:

How can I use 3D when driving to location.

Example I want to go Chinatown ,but I want it to show the building and streets in 3D when I drive to location.

Do you know how to show me this?

TheHayduken1 says:

Nice attempt, but the audio is horrible. See ya

CR Rains says:

How do you delete locations ? How do you edit the name of locations ?


How can i use ios9 map that was brilliant & most easy to use .. if some1 know something pls tell me .. thanks

Roderick Astorga says:

i wish they added the lane available when you made a turn


How do u start ur location and make ur root

Jams Addis says:

thank you. Appreciate your taking the time out to do this.

Haxnain Sulehri says:

My map didn’t giving directions option??

Rafael Gonzalez says:

For this wondering on how to calculate the distance from a point to another.

Just type the place you want to go on the search bar then click directions. Then click “My Location” and you can then change “From: My Location” to a different one.

Aliber Lopez says:

how i can see 3d maps button to see around the area or front

ERIN478 says:

I have a “17 min to get home” on my iPhone 7 Maps list that I did not put there. I’m the only one who uses my phone and it’s never out of my presence. I’ve had it only a week or so and have never asked for driving directions, since I get around by bicycle, so I have no idea how this thing got on my phone.

How do I remove it? Thank you!!

arbyfc says:

Any idea how the order of my “favourites”can be changed in Maps. Thanks Techguy. Enjoy all your vids.

Marc Giallombardo says:

How do you change the home location in the new iOS 10?

Holympus says:

How do i calculate the distance from a point to another?

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