The best free sat nav apps you should be using | What Car?

Doug Revolta runs us through the best sat nav apps for your phone right now to help you get from A to B.

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EasyFolkDude says:

Is there a offline android gps app that let’s me draw new roads, add markers and so on?

Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK says:

Navmii is petty good, just make sure location services is on otherwise not efficient, wont eat data as long as its up to date beforehand

Top 11's says:

what about NavMii

Dmitry L says:

The reason why Google Maps are so popular is not just simplicity but also accuracy and reliability. That’s why I don’t use Apple car play in my car since it makes me use Apple Maps. Those are just horrible. I once tried to search for a car wash and it took me to just some random house in a build up area (also it chose the most traffic heavy route). And this happens a lot with Apple Maps. Like wtf

Mark StJust says:

Just tried Waze. As an experiment I looked at the route for my work and it was wrong.

gregory779 says:

Waze still uses data

Péter Tiba says:

Everything is OK, if you have a fast internet in the car on your phone. I tried the Google Maps and the Waze in UK, but I downloaded the Sygic and I felt that is the best. OK, I know, I had to pay for that, but it was just about 12 GBP for a lifetime. It uses satellites for navigation, doesn’t need any other internet and if you download the maps, you can use it anywhere in the world. I drove trough Europe, it was close to perfect. I really like the lane assist, it shows the cameras and delays as well.

Grahame .White says:

Any voice commands ? I didn’t hear any, and with Waze are maps built in or you need to be using data ? and how quick are they to recalculate route if you choose to go a different way to directed. ?

Sebastian Zaremba says:

I’ve tried all three and found Here to be the best one for me. Google Maps could be better, bit it doesn’t show speed limits. Waze gives you the routes with less traffic, but you usually end up on going through a lot of residential roads to avoid congestion. The cartoonish interface also doesn’t do it for me.

Rich Batiste says:

H o w T o G e t F r e e M o n e y & G i f t C a r d s C L I C K H E R E
➜ ➜ ➜
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤️

peter lee says:

I use Waze in the U.S. all the time, I’m glad to know I can use it in England as well.

Annette Bigham says:

I’ve never really thought about using anything apart from the usual Google Maps on my mobile… will definitely be trying these others out and seeing if they could replace it.

Creative Mint says:

love how you switch camera view everytime you shift. Oh my god, you drive shift. WOwwwwwww (Owen Wilson Voice).

Birmingham racing says:

Only thing I don’t like about google maps and waze is that they don’t show the speed limit on the road

C K says:

I exclusively use Here wego. As a non finnish speaker living in helsinki having street names spoken to me by a voice that can’t pronounce them is the largest distraction thinkable. I tried most if not all free and quite a few paid and Here wego is the only one with clear turn by turn instructions without street names. The only thing it misses is a proper lane assist. If driving in a new area it can be hard to know at a good time what lane to choose and stay in.

Punit Sedani says:

Google bought Waze a few years ago… Therefore all Google maps traffic is found from Waze users – along with any accident reports

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