THIS is the BEST Outdoors Navigation App EVER


We have several tricks up our sleeves when it comes to navigating the great outdoors. Our primary go-to program; is Gaia GPS and their Premium Membership. Let’s walk you through the basics of the program!




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Alphacore Outdoor says:

Good stuff, thanks!

Stuart Pocock says:

Great overview, Kevin! Sold me the 5 year Premium 🙂 Thanks for the discount!

Daniel Machado says:

Nice app…Nice review…nice discount…

Roeland van Delzen says:

Completely agree with this video. I used Gaia gps this summer for our trip to Romenia . I switched seamlessly between my ipad pro 12.9 in the car, my iphone 7 plus and Landrover Explore Android phone for hiking. The functionality of the Gaia GPS software combined with the high quality maps makes this an unbeatable overland navigation solution.

Yeshua Rangel says:


Robert Rusty says:

Excellent! Thanks for the video. I was testing different maps to see which i prefer. I used the free version of Gaia, and loved it. I just bought the Premium through your link because of your video. This is the map/GPS program I’ve been looking for.

J.D. McNoldy says:

Thank you for sharing this! This is much cheaper than my current GPS app and has all of the same features I need for off road bicycle touring. Nat Geo Maps are sweet!

Jim Willemsen says:

Thank you for the intro. I now more questions than answers, I guess I am just confused to how it works or would help.

Ecexpedition says:

Great review. I just started using Gaia and love it. Very user friendly. I think you’ve inspired me to get the premium!

st8ton says:

Gaia is awesome! Been running on my iPad Air with 67Designs mount via a Dual GPS XPS receiver. Love the setup.

Adventure Outdoors says:

This is an outstanding overview.

Michael Lochowitz says:

Great video!

Nicholas Sorrentino says:

Which tablet do you use? Is this available on both android and IOS?

Anton Crowley says:

Great video, can’t wait for the follow up! By the way, I can’t figure out which video game your outro music is from, I’m thinking its from battlefield series, maybe BF3?

spieglk says:

Downloaded this, and started using about 3 months ago.  Best app I have ever used, lets me find off-grid camping in VA/WV area.

Craig Collier says:

One of the most useful videos I’ve ever seen…. I’ve been using Gaia premium for years and never knew about many of these awesome layers/ etc!

Adam Royer says:

Great video! With longer expeditions, I’d be curious to know which zoom levels you choose for the map layers you suggested. I find the tile limits… well… limiting (both the “per download” and “combined” limits). The “per download” limits make the pre-trip download tasks cumbersome. Not being able to see how many available tiles you have left makes choosing the proper zoom levels difficult. Gaia is BY FAR the best navigation app available, but there’s so much more room for improvement!

ancient of days says:

It looks good, but I use Pocket Earth which is also great and that doesn’t need a subscription. It’s free once you buy the app. I think there’s a free version of Pocket Earth. It it’s not expensive for such a useful app.

Manolis Emmanouilidis says:

Hello from Greece! Thank for your videos! Very good application. I checked here in Greece and Europe and it’s very good!
If Gaia doesn’t mean something probably becomes from Ancient Greek word “Γαία” who means Earth (pronounced : gea). Gaia was the goddess of Earth.
From this word becomes the Greek words γεωμετρία (geometry: the maths who help to measure earth), γεωλογία (geology: the relative science with earth).

Thanks again. You are great team and we wait to see you soon!

SilverShadow4 says:

Thanks for the great overview and helping me understand the great value of the premium membership. Just signed up. Safe travels.

Corvus Laeus says:

This answered all of my questions that even some Gaia reps couldn’t. Also nice to see you use the same tablet I was looking at to accomplish this since the iPad doesn’t have expandable memory. S2 seems like a good fit for downloading maps with a big SD card.

Brad Conklin says:

That was a long commercial, lol. It was a great tutorial!

Tim Weimar says:

Thanks Kevin!! I’ve been playing around with Gaia for a little while now, but having this video as a helpful tutorial is great!! Thanks, and the discount is awesome!! You guys rock!!

Leo Dodier says:

Great video, thanks. I used your link for the 5yr subscription.

Billy Keen says:

I’ve been using GAIA GPS for a bit now and happy to find this. There are SO many layers, that I got stuck in a rut and didn’t know about the layers you described in this video. MANY THANKS! If you find yourself in Sierra Nevada, hit us up! Member 12523…on_the_run @ Overlandbound

Ron Channels says:

Can you share a specific trail with a friend or will it transfer all your maps? I use the InReach, one problem I don’t like, whenever I try to share one trail that I planned out, I cannot share that specific route. I can only send all of my routes. So if I have 100 routes, whoever I share my routes with they see all my routes.

ben Borgens says:

Hahaha been using Gaia for over a year now and you helped me see the light on some of the maps. Thank you!!

Hiker Marapese says:

Good vid, I will look forward to more detailed vids on using of GAIA.

Nick Edwards says:

I plan on getting the premium version through you guys. Please, please do an more informative and in-depth explanation on how to use it! Safe travels

Lifestyle Overland says:


All-Terrain Family says:

I dig that Historic map. Had not looked at that yet. I also use the VFR Sectional Chart layer when planning drone shoots. Great app all around. My only complaint is that there isn’t a good way to share a point or track via text message and have it open in the app. The default share function is to open it in web, which isn’t helpful. It’s cumbersome to copy the lat long, but that’s what we hav been doing.

Thanks for the overview!

CDub 1962 says:

Wait, you are in Fairbanks already? Last video was in Anza Borrego. What happened in between…..

woolengrappler says:

Is it like google maps where it offers voice guidance, or do you manually have to follow a map? I always find it hard to read a map and drive at the same time.

Andres Guajardo says:

Outstanding overview!! And good job with your channel too!

Loren Worthington says:

Superb. I do hope you disclose if/when you are being compensated for your efforts and promotion. I will subscribe to their Premium using your code.

JR Cook says:

Can you import geocaches into the app?

Rocki5pr says:

Thank you for the awesome information and video!!!!

mykalbee says:

That’s some good info. I was going to say i hope they are paying you for this and as it turns out they are. That’s cool your getting something cuz I need this app and you convinced me. Currently I have our State’s map book and it can be a bit of a pain. Thanks and count me in for sure.

Michael Hite says:

I just got the Gaia app. Cairn gave me a free membership, but it’s not the premium sub. If I upgrade I will definitely use your code. I’m use to using DeLorme gps. I used this for years when I was a FedEx contractor. But this was old software on an old laptop. I like the fact that I can use the Gaia app on my iPad and X.

Dee Jay says:

will you be going to the overland expo EAST? Hope to meet you there.

Brandon Harris says:

Signed up with the link. Thanks for the info. I’ll be using it for a trip to Utah in October!

JC Crafford says:

Thanks. I live in South Africa. Is it worth it to get this instead of using Garmin Basecamp?

Brian Glass says:

Great video.  It’s very simple and informative.  As I start to get into overlanding it’s this kind of video I look for.  I enjoy the camping and four wheeling videos too but this is information that I need.  This will help get me out there and not just watching others doing it on YouTube.

Jason Waterland says:

this looks fantastic, could you please tell me what scale mapping there is available for Australia and in particular Western Australia. I would like to purchase the premium version for my new iPad mini, thank you for any information

Ralph Keith says:

Do you have any experience with Magellan’s TRX7?  I use Gaia on my home computer and phone but would like a larger screen when using off-road.  I’m considering either buying a small tablet and blue tooth connect it to my phone for GPS location or the Magellan.

inwinblades says:

Thank you so much for this review. I have been intrigued in previous videos of yours about Gaia, but now you have sold me for sure. Also, thanks for the tremendous discount! Is there an expiration date on the discount. Might be beneficial to go ahead and purchase, then have it, and be familiarized with it when OUR trip gets here (next June- Denver Rocky Mountains, CO). Thanks again for making the time during your trip, to share, and review. You folks are awesome.- GrayBeard

Walter Lindsay says:

Show me a 4X4 auto route from Fairbanks, AK to Barrow, AK

Robert Walker says:

What are using for GPS when you don’t have cell service. I have been playing around with the free version but it doesn’t seem like it is very accurate on position information.

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