Top 10 Most Useful Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

Here are some of the best/most useful apps you can get for the Samsung Galaxy Watch! Most of these applications are also available for the Gear S3, Gear S2, and Gear Sport smartwatches.

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Apps in order of appearance:
0:09 white light
1:10 Camera Remote Circle by Leonid Tsarev
8:40 Find My Car
9:23 VR Controller
11:15 Smart Things
16:23 Uber
18:28 Workout Trainer
23:50 Timer
24:40 Here We Go
26:42 Spotify
34:26 Calculator

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NiRo says:

Please share a link to your watch skin

Michal Mariak says:

Dycky Most!

S Jackson says:

Tap that

Fahd Farooqi says:

What is the name of that watch face I really like it

driss87 says:

Does Tizen OS (Galaxy watch) work with either Google home or Phillips hue (without going through Samsung SmartThings)?

BartsTrapHouse XBL says:

“How come in every picture you’re touching your watch”

Lasse Olsen says:

Just got the watch. But I can’t spend 35 minutes hearing about what 10 apps you like.

Theo Fennel says:

And people say Apple watxh is better than the galaxy watch kmt.

Robert Cambio says:

Ive tried adding smartthings on my watch but it doesn’t always work. The 42 and 46 act the same way. It will connect, I can see the switch or plug but cant turn it on or off. Any suggestions?

Lucca Hyuuga says:

Are there those apps for Gear S3 too?

Matthew B says:

cant find the camera appthough

Rohan Nokia Chambers says:

Can it use WhatsApp?

Rafay Virk says:

Can u tell me wat watchface that is

☠OsirisTheGreatShaman☠ says:

Where did you get spotify from, galaxy app store? Only thing shows up is my spotify playlist.

Kao Saechao says:

Why does Find My Car need access to my microphone? That’s just creepy

Nilz R says:

I cannot find the 2nd app

Rohan Nokia Chambers says:

With this watch you can use the rear cam to take selfies

Daniel CZ says:

I really wanted to buy the camera remote, but the one I found had terrible ratings and all claimed it doesn’t work. Thoughts?

Gabriel Hagad says:

what watch face is that?

chitoac says:

Which version you using

ArthurHaXz says:

Whats that watch face

Kenny Silver says:

what the name of theme watch face you use

Juan-Carlos Valencia says:

really bad watch and expensive. you don’t can see any document in pdf and either install adobe reader. There is not play store.

Ethan says:

This guy seems like a moron, I wasted my time

Matti Elst de jong says:

Can I use those apps white a huawei?

Gito Ramos says:

Whats the watch face?

Dana W says:

Is there an app to fix that the entire back is made of Plastic?

Sphereslip says:

I fell asleep

Sri Ampojwalam says:

Is there a Youtube Music app for YT Red users?

HS SH says:

Cant justify getting a smart watch… just cant

Máté says:

Note 9 has the temore S-Pen for that remota controll xddd

Diego E. says:

Video too fuckkking long. Omg

Dave Williams says:

I have samsung watch, love the faces features except one, I have tried every option to keep to watch face always visible all the time. Is this not possible ? If not how do I do it. Thanks …

Jordy Robyns says:

Thanks, wasted +30min of my time.

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