Top 10 tips for using Google Maps

Google Maps can do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Here are 10 of our favorite tips and tricks.





newsveteran says:

Find a better way to demo the maps app. Your screen shots are terrible and hard to read. Also tone yourself down a little and let’s see less of you and more demos. Cut the “fry speak” also.

Seth Dominick says:

Cut down on the caffeine, good grief. You’re way too enthusiastic about any of this.

Bunda Aira says:


Shaikh Mullah-ud-Din says:

your name was Kelly something???/

B Chidanand says:


dhahsan danish says:

nice style

Furqan Ali Saghar says:

3rd thing is not available in my map

TheProgrammerGuy says:

Isn’t that Cali Lewis?? Looks, sounds and acts just like her…


fucking obnoxious. thumbs down for being a douche

Cliff Carlo says:

Never put your home address in my places when using google maps. Instead pick a place near your home like the local pub or shop. If a thief were to steel your phone he could use you phone to navigate straight to your house. He already knows that you are out.

Jessica D says:

What happened to the “reverse route” tab that used to be on google maps???

El Pacificador says:

If you are seeking a new and different explanation of the truth that makes sense, search for “Truth Contest” in Google and click the 1st result, then click on “The Present” and read what it says. This is truth you can check.


Hi Luria, I’m retired and enjoying it. I would like to find places that have fountains, indoor like malls or outdoors like malls or parks that I could sit and read or draw and enjoy the peace. How can I reach out to others in my area that may be able to help me locate these places. I live in the South Bay, Los Angeles county area but willing to drive 20-30 miles for a great place for the day. Thanks.

Ken Sheppard says:

helpful info

Jack Rippers says:


SLC2BC380 says:

I have tried to calibrate the blue dot with the figure 8 bs like 100 times I can’t get it to work. I must be a tard. I am getting to the point I will pay to have it done. it flat out WILL NOT WORK!!

Mahesh Abeyratne says:

Great presentation and valuable tips. Loved …!

Cecilia Eckerson says:

Guess I need a smart phone

indiansouls says:

Very useful tips mainly Tip # 9 Zoom one handed. My favorite is offline maps and used by me very often especially while driving in deep jungles of southern India. Concise & pleasant presentation by you. Thanks !

Redeemed52597 says:

Actually, a warning regarding point #1: Don’t save your exact home or work address on your phone. If someone happens to run off with your keys and phone (probably what happens a lot on beaches) the thief not only has your phone, but also knows where the house (or the business) for the keys he has just stolen as well. I use an address near to where I work and live, but not the exact address.

Jrodri Rodriguez says:

I use google maps a lot for work, but I will love if google add maps for trucking routs with restrictions. From a truck driver

Kamill ianne says:

My favorite..the metro bus #’s & stops anywhere in the US and Europe. Walking distance times. Thanku K/Texas

Paul g says:

Nice – thanks 🙂

Gale Monterio says:

How do I get audio directions for route

OST Berlin says:

boring top shit, she looks like 100 but acts like 12

Andy Plays says:

thank you so much

abdullah gm says:

u r so cute


How the hell do you simply put point A to B? In some cases you don’t want to leave from your current location and much rather plan ahead.

UtmdKiddingme says:

the offline feature is horse shit


I would like to make it in Japanese ♪

rha600 says:

who the hell needs google maps to navigate to their favorite place?   If it’s your favorite and you don’t know how to get there, you’re too old to be driving anyway.

Moshe Raichental says:

??how i can save root map offline

Avraam Avraam says:

חבל שאין בעברית

MrBikedrummer says:

My favorite feature? The ability to uninstall it. The accuracy is terrible. I have the updated version and today it sent me in a ten mile highway loop that had me pass close to my starting point and told me to take a northbound ramp when I needed to go south. The cutesy options might be fun for someone, but I need to get where I’m going.
Nice explanation of the options!

garyjsimm says:

My google maps works shitty on my iPhone recently. Hard to find where I am. Stops navigating and starts again. Won’t recalculate. Sucks

Linda O'Neill says:

Very nice. However, if you want a real challenge, tell us how to activate the compass in Maps on a Macbook, not just an Android. And BTW, nowhere on my Maps is a “location button at the lower left” or any other place for that matter.

Roberto Morfes says:

Zooming with one hand is the coolest one for me. Thanks for the tip!!!

nounix says:

one question: how in the name of f*?% do you stop the stupid iphone app giving idiotic “directions” like “head south-east” “head north-west” etc?? I mean HOW DUMB is that?? Does it think the driver is a COMPASS?? How the f*&% am I supposed to know where in the name of God “south-west” is… Is there a setting where you can just have it tell you which ROADS to take, or turn on, instead of giving you directions in relation to the… North Pole?? 😛 😛

SLC2BC380 says:

also I wish Google maps had a speedometer in it

Jeff Lowe says:

Come on, who needs to navigate to their fave restaurants or home or friend’s house. I want to be able to route myself on long road trips by adding several stops…Hotels, sites I’d like to visit. Can’t do that in Google maps.

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