Use Google Map as GPS Offline

Use Google Map as GPS Offline, truly highly recommend, Very useful imformation for travelers & Drivers, Google offline GPS, Smart Phone Offline GPS, Smart Phone offline Map, real time cell phone offline GPS,


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chander prakash says:

very smily person ……

Kushol Tahsin says:

thanks for this video. i travelled a lot but offline was totally unknown to me. now it will be so helpful to go from one place to another….

Hootki Shira says:

Please help do I need simcard in my phone to use turn by turn navigation on a gps PHINE thanks

chander prakash says:

you speak very very soft sir…great

Lola Bunny says:

Thank you! I hope this helps in my trip 🙂

Sankaran Murthy says:

Is it possible to download the offline maps into my SD card? I’m asking because I don’t have too much phone memory left.

Abdullah khan says:

thank you sir i love your methodology i think you have a good teaching skill

Varuna Desilva says:

Thanks for that supper introduction of using off line maps. I always wonder when abroad how to use google maps without using data which can cost hell of a lot when not in Europe.

ashraf pallangod says:

why you didn’t go to Mumbai in India?

Nizam Uddin says:

oh that’s great. its helps me a lot’s. thank’s a lot’s.

Waqas Mansoor says:

Lol that’s what I was looking for exactly . Haha thanks for the cool video tho . Your friend looks cute

joffu kasata says:

Ooh thanks going to london tomorrow woow got it on time

Piggeliggel says:

oh damn I wish I knew this when I arrived in Tokyo, we used pocket wifi but I arrived way earlier than the others. So I set on a journey from Narita to Ikebukuro. Spent 12 hours walking around there looking for our house. Thanks a lot though Daniel, this will be handy in Seoul

evakant66 says:

very well done very clear

Ramshad Jasmina says:

another option application Here we go

erickv1977 says:

my friend the easy way is: go to google maps write the address, press start, and then go to you phone settings and turn off the data mobile and you will travel off line, no data charges in all

Masa Priroda says:

Go Daniel!

AsMa ZaInAb says:

will offline area also navigate for me ?

ianus lagrana says:

you explain it very well from old to new phone that need the apps. thx so much for sharing ur mission hehehe

haringjuri says:


Jamaludheen Parakandi says:

avoid narration and come to the point

jonnywaselectric says:

excellent Daniel, there is another similar one called Maps ME that I have ready for my trip to Tokyo, you can mark points of interest like my hotels I plan to stay at. It worked when it was in airplane mode when I was on a recent trip to KL it showed my location in the middle of the sea. It would be interesting if Google maps offline works in airplane mode too

Julien Keen says:

Attention! (at the moment) Android Google Maps does not avoid highways in offline mode. You can download large map areas, as long as you don’t have gaps between them you can make any route you want inside them. A saved route that avoids highways will only avoid them in online mode.

Bluegrass Magee says:

Very Fun To Watch & Love the Bloopers LOL!

Abhiroop Shaw says:

Thank you sir for sharing this information.

AV Daniel Violin says:

Please read my new published book: Father, Son & Violin. can read the first a few chapters free. Please do it.

Fiiggy says:

thanks buddy

Tom R says:

cool video, thank you! funny bloopers too.

Hiii Yuan says:

in china   I  can use google map.

Napoleon Luwang says:

You speak very softly. Nice

Lotus says:

Thanks man, I had no idea you could do this. Very much appreciated!

Abdul Basit says:


Chirstina Tina says:

Thanks Daniel so much.

theklrdude oo says:

i traveled all over the world and if you need a map ,…go to a car rental place and they might give you a map if you ask nice ! mind they are rudimentary .

Kartik Patidar says:

GREAT SIR, Thanks a lot for this useful information and the lovely way you give it to us

Black Demon says:

video starts @ 5.32 min ..Thank me Later…!!!

Ishanka Rajapaksha says:

Thanks for the useful information 🙂

cebuanostud says:

Google Map as GPS Offline starts @ 5:32 enjoy! IS THE DOWNLOAD OF MAPS FREE or charged to my data plan?.

R P says:

cool, thanks

Serena Pokémon says:

My Google Maps/GPS has gone wrong. Whenever I click it, a tiny frame appears with a slideshow of pictures appears. And here’s the worst part…
I don’t know her!
She wears a bra!
She wears an underwear!
She showed her butt!
She showed her private part!
A notification with “Sexy Girl –
Come find me and let’s have sex!” appeared!

Roby Roberto says:


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