Waze App Review and Tutorial

Official App Review presents Waze the best GPS navigation app available for mobile devices. Here I will show you how to operate Waze, how to get driving directions using Waze, how to make a report using voice commands and how Waze will slash time from your daily commutes. Waze also has a child reminder feature which helps you not to forget to check for your children before departing you vehicle. Waze has tons of features and I believe you will enjoy driving with Waze and outsmarting traffic.

Date of Review and Tutorial: 10/2/2016
Device used for review and tutorial: iPhone 6 plus
Operating System: iOS 10.0.2
Version of app reviewed: Waze 4.12.1

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Kevin Wright says:

How can make the Waze app start navigating automaticly, so I don’t have to tap the go now button?

lisa thomas says:


baggiemad says:

Why doesn’t lock north up work on my android? I have it set on.

Jack Rippers says:

eats kids

Ranks Studio says:

Good work buddy, I left you a like and wish you many more. Make more videos. Please check my channel too. I am sure you will like it 🙂

anitazuck says:

even helpful to the technologically challenged, thanks!

Donald Thompson says:

I love Waze and i use their app for navigation quite often

MC says:

one of the best Waze tutorials.

Russell Williams says:

Great review. Thank you.

Ntr Htp says:

*Roger that Lt.*

Kevin BeeWhyAreDee says:

Great Review!!!!

David says:

Great review!!!!

Torie Young says:

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King ARkaMAni says:

how can i save a location ?

Jem Pro says:

Watch in 1080HD, current default is 360, why?

Superb quality and most concise, comprehensive current Waze 2016 tutorial yet on YT.

Save your eyeballs and watch first and see if you have Qs after.

Has saved me and colleagues time/ button pushing while driving.

A professional drivers license saver. Enable camera to recognise your companies shared drops.

Multi drop couriers/delivery colleagues can share drop off info/photos/video.

Spontaneous updates from 1000’s of members sharing your route.

(No affiliation except millions of miles/hours used saving miles, fuel, tyres, repairs, penalties, jobs and fines).

Tawanna Rucker says:

Excellent. Thank you!

Kathryn Yarnell says:

I love Waze and agree that they need to improve the voice command and eta notification to contacts.



Lynn Frick says:

Thanks for this video! So helpful! I’d like Waze to stay in the forefront when a call comes in. Nothing more annoying than trying to see where I am going, a call comes in, and I have to swipe away the person’s picture/info to get Waze back. It would be a nice option to be able to choose!

jman96camry says:

this app pops up reports on Google maps too it will say reported by waze if you touch on Google maps

greg miller says:

great review thank you!

Jonny Rouse says:

Thanks for the review. Useful as I was just considering installing the app.

Ellen G says:

Does Waze work with bluetooth. I’m a new Uber driver, and can’t follow maps in my mind, I depend on the verbal directions to comprehend, but passengers aren’t happy. Can you help?

Sakonema says:

I have lived in Finland for the past 46 years and not once has there been a traffic jam, ever. Makes me wonder what’s better about waze than google maps. We rarely got accidents on the road, because of the training and cost of drivers license.
Oh, did you notice 2 finnish drivers on the podium at the last formula 1 race? It has no finnish language guidance either, which pretty much means: “In a country where proper roads exist, waze is not needed.” Nor are we trying to start a war with north korea to make the money move in our country. It does have the police alert for people who commit crimes by speeding. It does not however have a pirating platform for music and movies.

Keepitsimple silva says:

Thanks again! Just learned of new features on Waze! Your review of Cozi Calendar helped me to make the choice and go premium. Keep it up!

Dan Tong says:

Very helpful.

Upmystrasse says:

I really enjoyed your review. Thank you.

sintel11 says:

How do I delete a report I accidentally placed?

Gary Moore says:


Gene Cundel says:

Thanks OAR, picked up a tip

Ellen G says:

Dude, you looked like you just got out of prison, right at the beginning, but like you weren’t guilty of anything, LOL. So great review, I learned a lot, only wish when you were showing items on the face of the Waze screen shot you had arrows pointing to what you were talking about, but that worked out ok anyway. Liked it for ya.

Kevin Routh says:

Truly love this app, thanks for review.

Alice Figueroa says:

Love your Waze….

Kennith Dixon says:

Waze re-routed me to a Toll Road. How do I avoid this expensive mistake again?

Debbie Troiano says:

Hey Titus. So how do you sort your favorites alphabetically and they stay that way the next time you use the app? Can’t be done, right? And how about a tutorial that explains what each and every icon means or represents. I’d like to know what the two icons next to a report that is on the map, one is a thumbs up and the other is a circle with a line through it. I’ve been assuming that the thumbs up means yes, the cop is there, or yes there is car on the shoulder, or yes there is a pothole, etc. Then the circle with the line through it, I’m assuming means no longer applicable. So what’s the deal?

Ovidiu Moc. says:

i used it about a week ago and i didn’t like that the route and the map didn’t point to the top of my phones screen in PORTRAIT orientation, and would like to modify the route that has been given to me, for exple to take a steet with a better view or a better pavement….

Tim Santiago says:

Using Waze to check out the eclipse on Monday. I’ve used it before, but your review helped me understand the features much better. Thanks!

Dmm Dmm543 says:

I had to watch a few times, many of your words sound like a jumbled arrangement of muted words, spoken in rapid succession. Good app, easy learning curve

Seema Ahmed says:

Excellent video.
I have a question please. I somehow messed up screen on my wake. I was able to see drivers cars and police and construction etc etc on screen now there are not showing only plain map. Can u please give me tip how to add it.

David Burpeau says:

Nice job young man!

Tsai Joy says:

Hope your address is fake bro

PocketPokerRoom.com says:

Do you still do reviews?

Shampoo Wow says:

Nice video! I like it

MusicAMG says:

2 things I haven’t figured out, 1) how to add a stop to your destination and 2) how to view reports (like the icon says when you first start the app)

Mavis Smith says:

I just stumbled across this video. Excellent review!

Phil Rindone says:

good tutorial, well produced visuals

r ar says:

As a part time lyft driver, the only thing I don’t like about Waze is that it doesn’t say “destination ahead on YOUR LEFT [OR RIGHT]” like other apps do. This is a major inconvenience for me. So I’m forced to use google maps which guides me to start looking for my riders’ location quicker. If it did it, I’d use Waze over google.

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