Waze App Review(In Depth)

In this video I go into an in depth review of the very powerful app Waze. I go over all the features this application holds.


Martin Smith says:

How many traffic accidents has this app caused? Isn’t there a voice interface that you can use rather than what amounts to texting while driving?

patricknedz says:

how to I edit the map? near my house there is a street that has the wrong name on the map. How do i change the name to the real street name?

Michael Peebles says:

Who cares about your points?

Bra Ibra says:

haw med u tarn

Arthur Vin says:

In USA people tag police to let people know where to seek help, but in Russia it’s to let people know what places to avoid and change your route.

Brandon Allen says:

It’s okay but it’s not a 100% accurate

Seema Ahmed says:

Excellent video
I have a question please. I somehow messed up screen on my wake. I was able to see drivers cars and police and construction etc etc on screen now there are not showing only plain map. Can u please give me tip how to add it.

ROUSH4203 says:

Waze is pretty much the only nav I use, I save so much time using this opposed to google maps or anything else. Excellent app

James Nix says:

Looks fantastic

jimmybauer1 says:

hey there is a new version that particularly has confuse me. can’t find the navigation botton or even erase navigation history, can you check it out and upload a video showing us the how to use it thanks.

Pat Slattery says:

Anyone know how to delete old routes

Vitoamiibo says:

Except it doesn’t tell you if the destination your currently going to has tolls or not. This alone is a huge flaw.

Max says:

Thumbs up to the cops? FUCK THEM!!!

Ronald Rak says:

sorry, audio… my problem.

Forza Juve says:

how do we alphabetize our favorites?

Semz Sahin says:

Hi mate,
You know where it shows in the map that heavy traffic and blue colour is medium traffic and light orange is lite traffic how do I turn this feature on?

Or does it come on automatically when driving!

I know google maps shows this but waze app on my iPhone 5 e is not showing this

Please help

Thank you

Kind Regards

Larry Janowski says:

seems like you have to spend a lot of time looking at your phone while driving. I assume, and I hope I’m wrong, that to make a report you have to text.

Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley says:

Do you have to have a destination plugged in for the app to work? Or is it possible to just to do like a free roam and just watch the map while your driving to use is for basically like just a radar detector?

Jill Green says:

I was hoping to get a tutorial on the actual “navigation” in the app. This video says “in-depth” review of the app Waze, but it never got into how to navigate. Which is the most important feature of all – am I right?

Olasek says:

Does it give you some audio warning about cops or you have to watch the screen?? Such basic info is missing.

Jack Ellis says:

Waze for iPhone

calvin tanner says:

What can this Waze app do as far as activity ( Robberies, Murders, etc ).

1ebaymama says:

If Waze reads this I’d like to suggest that when you first install Waze the audio is ON rather than OFF.

CheyFire says:

I have started using this and it is bar-none excellent. The only issue I have is how it drains the battery so you do have to keep it plugged in while en-route. I love the app, it routes me around slow or stopped traffic and I never feel “lost” with this tool. Great app.

Lintassimilator says:

Why on earth would you want to warn people about police? Do you enjoy sharing traffic with DUI and licenseless drivers? Because they have access to this too.

Niceday0908 says:

I loved it until I discovered you CANNOT take a long trip with it as the server can’t handle it and will time out. Bye Bye

Channel Three says:

Can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with Waze developers? They are destroying this app! Before I used to be able to see other’s drives. Now I must be driving to the same location in order to see them! That sucks balls! These developers suck balls! Why can’t I report a cop I see who is mobile in traffic? Some cops drive, you know, you suck shit programmers! Have you ever driven before?! Why can’t I report a cop on the other side of the road, you dumb toenail fungus programmers! Is this some intentional move to make this app look crappy so that Google can purchase another app and merge the two? Well it’s working! On top of that, we want to see real time point to point locations for shared drives. Not some algorythm’s guess! You. Suck. Balls.

Robert Loureiro says:

I live overseas where streets signs are almost none exist and would like to know if I can use the waze without the destination filled out and it would just tell me streets names as I drive. Is there a setting for that, Thank you.


very good

Matthew Godson says:

other users hit a link in the app when they see a police car . there are so many users it’s very effective. what I found was when I reported seeing something I wasnt watching the road, and it made me a bad driver so I quit using it. but to the author of this video I would just like to say my opinion, ” f the popo.”

Dan Harriger says:

Took me about 5 minutes to realize we live in the same area… Greetings from The Pizzle

twn5858 says:

Use this app to avoid the police like the plague that they are.

Belfastchild sings again says:

Alot of people have done ”reviews”’ on Waze. I presently live in the UK. & Most , if not all have failed to answer my questions, let alone approach the topic in question. YOU sir, are refreshing, in that you appear to have gone the extra mile ( No pun intended) to share ”’All you know”’ Hence, I have now subscribed to your channel. Well done on being a ”’good buddy”’ Everyday.

everymanforthemself says:

I’m making it to less than 2 minutes and I’m shutting this down. Michael, you need to burn the full 17:48 of yourself to know that monotone, thoughtless conversational style vids are boring and worthless. Your smart about the app but not so much about all the 85% of your delivery. Which kills this vid. Sorry, if you’re gonna waste bandwidth try to make it about 3 minutes instead of 17.

Louis Lai says:

Anyone know how to delete a waypoint?

James Constantinople says:

How do you turn OFF waze. When NOT in use?? It eats battery when on , and not in use.

Channel Three says:

We’re begging the programmers to improve these features: 1) real time reporting of trip shares 2) increased cop reporting tools, in traffic and opposite side traffic 3) Celebrity voices.

BILLIE says:

did waze consume gigabite??

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