What are the best GPS apps?

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There are a host of sat nav apps available to help you get to work on time or discover new places. In this video we’re looking at the top free and paid sat nab apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Using a different GPS app that deserves a mention? Tell us about it in the comments below.


ruthb1151 says:

i got a message on my windows phone that Nokia Drive is going away soon…Not the greatest but i use it when i need highway or no highway options since mapquest offers none

catrashoo says:

Waze is the way to go .

Ray Obura says:


Jordan Train says:

For off-road navigation Polaris Navigation GPS for my Android phone is tops and it is totally free.

Omar Akhtar says:

I Am Going To Do A Review Of Tomtom GO Moblie For IOS & Android

Яйца Хуевич says:

nice sexy british accent

TheOpelkoenjas says:

NavFree all the way here. Almost no complaints about it, not more than the usual stand alone navigation systems’ problems. It does what it needs to do, and doesn’t use up your data plan. When you download a map, just use a free wifi spot, have a drink while it downloads and you’re good to go. All maps are used offline, so no data consumption.

Speeding camera’s and traffic warning are optional, but only cost a fraction (I paid around €5 for both) of what other navigation systems ask you to pay and they do the exact same thing at the exact same spots (and even more accurate if I may say).

And for another €2 (somewhere around that amount) you get rid of the annoying commercial adds that keep popping up on top of your screen. All in all, this app has cost me about €7, which is nothing compared to it’s “big brothers”. So yes, I’m pretty happy with it.

One hint: depending on how long your battery goes, you might want to plug your device into a charging source in your car while using NavFree (or other navigation apps). They do consume a lot of your battery power.

Ps: using NavFree on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Works perfect.

Tudor Renegade says:

We are ONLY interested in free GPS apps.

SUPERSS90 says:

I use Wase is still the best for me..

VGCritic says:

cool video! Keep up the good work.

nalorin says:

WAZE is so awesome that Google bought them out for over a BILLION DOLLARS! And it’s FREE AND OPEN SOURCE! With croud-sourced live traffic / hazard / police / camera / etc updates.

Also has current speed and ability to share routes with friends and see friends’ ETA for mutual meeting places. Waze is the best 🙂

AnythingSamsungExpert says:

Google/ Google Map daytime ( must see )

Check this out

Meeshykins says:

NavFree… download maps to your sd card and off you go. 🙂

Soon phakdey 0972468910 says:


Romania says:

Hahaha Romanian Map…

brian conti says:

Sygic is the best android gps

royeb63 says:

In my opinion OSMAnd is the best offline GPS navigation app. Download the maps you need when you have wi-fi access. Then you’re good to go, and you can turn off internet access since the maps gets stored in you phone (or on your memory card if you have one in your phone). And best of all, it’s free.

Ak Gh says:

Fantastic. Good demo ………

Erik Zilahi says:

iGo Primo.

Grant Kidd says:


Tamia Cromwell says:

It looks like sygic cost tho! Smh

Joshua Josh says:

I have problem in my GPS it’s not locking the current location, and after started the journey it says GPS list, waiting for GPS and never come back, always the blue dot don’t shoot the present location, it keeps moving all the way.. can any one help me….
thanks advance

Madani Looca says:

can help please, i want to add the voice in google maps in android please, thank you

onjoFilms says:

Most of these GPS maps don’t let you intuitively add a destination address. Most of these YouTube videos don’t show you how. Lots of garbage GPS apps out there.

Evon Bronner says:

waze for the win sygic i cant even download all the maps i want before it starts the program

Hero of Hi Hats says:

Great video as always, i only got AIDs from it, good job!

gokhan altintas says:

Please check this Compass GPS Android

Cesar Jair Lopez Hernandez says:


chester962 says:


Erik Zilahi says:

iGo Primo.

Itsmeeman1 says:

not much use for an aircraft, then

Manuelito Suico says:
Bill Page says:

cool everyone

Beast Boy says:

i will get the cracked version of copilot

Azizan Midon says:

Here Maps and Here Drive+ is the best

Jalissa Rollins says:

how much is the Verizon wireless Samsung Galaxy s7edge black onyx 32 gb?

Miguel Pereira says:

Answer: ORUXMAPS. Live tracking, offline maps, Ghost Partner (aka virtual partner), and many more.

Shawn Lobo says:


Stev A says:

it would be nice if you would list the apps and give links in the about section.

Mahae Alam says:

try Sygic

Grant Kidd says:

Hopefully not a dumb question, but does this use up my phones data?

Ho Yuen Lee says:

Google map on smartphone

I think google map is the best!!

Anderson E Rockefeller says:

I can’t stand British accent.

Muluneh Amanuel says:

Wow very impressive lesson.Go ahead

Mario Julio says:

Sygic are the best to android devices…. i have all the functions you show in just one GPS…

Soon phakdey 0972468910 says:


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