What’s New with CarPlay in iOS 11

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CarPlay in iOS 11 gains a multitude of new features. Several apps have gotten slight design tweaks like Podcasts and Music. There are several UI changes like notification icons, bars replacing the circles for cellular signal, and current icon gets enlarge. Maps got the biggest update with lane guidance, current speed limit, and real time alternate routes on the map with the time difference.
All Changes:
Lane Guidance
-Siri also gives lane guidance
Speed limits
Route alerts are now in the map allowing you to quickly switch
Notification badges
Signal bars
Currently Active App is larger in dock
Screenshot (double tap or long press)
New “thinking mode” look for Siri
Do Not Disturb while driving
New Podcast App UI
Music app UI

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Assante Freeman says:

iDB? Andrew! I didnt realize you had another channel. Good on you.

mylon999 says:

Thank you.  Great video on Apple Carplay!

EventingInSeattle says:

@iDB: How does the Do Not Disturb While Driving mode affect CarPlay?

Derrick LeBlanc says:

i don’t see speed limits

Don Zielke says:

Has anyone else had CarPlay start crashing since 11.3 has rolled out?

vampirevichu says:

carplay will be great if they provide google maps…

Vara says:

still no traffic alerts on apple maps…. ok, still useless then.

Gabriel Carducci says:

That moment when you’re watching for the features and suddenly remember you went to middle and half of High-school in Hilliard.

Joe Manning says:

I thought wireless car play was announced? How does it work? Is it for every car with CarPlay?

Paul Green says:

iOS11 = Garbage.

Clint Maas says:

So Waze does not work if not jailbroken, ok. But can I use CarPlay for lets say Spotify and use Waze on my phone?

javilionaire says:

What car is this?

Dom Rodney says:

i just want them to add waze…. holy shaat

Mark Modos says:

Is this the Ford kuga?

AZ Drone says:

how do i update apple CarPlay

DatPunch says:

The new Audi A1 2018 will come with CarPlay! I am exited for it.

Jello Shot says:

What car is this? Sony head unit looks amazing!

SimpleMan.45 says:

Are these features available with any Car Play Supported after market radios?

Ness says:

Omg love that it has speed limits now.

llltimelll says:

how much?

Neal U says:

How can I get Carplay navigation to display in the direction of travel or as it is also known track up.

BuckMarley says:

Parked video ability!!!!!!!

mattloveOHIOST5 says:

Indians fan 🙂

Kristy Gregerson says:

I’m wanting to update my stereo in my 2007 to an Apple CarPlay what stereo do you recommend and does it automatically do updates like your phone does??

roejieks says:

If I had a purchased head unit with car play and installed it, would I receive updates like IOS 11? Or does it only update with new smart cars?

Parsa Safar says:

You can get an apple Car Play style app for your iPhone or iPad with Drive Mode on iOS.

sut2910 says:

My Pioneer CarPlay worked fine until 11.2.5. They’ve added bugs not features. Carplay has to be relaunched by rebooting my iPhone while plugged in to my running car in order work with 11.2.5. Maybe the next update / fix will make it work again the way it is supposed to.

Jack Swanson says:

Hate how the album artwork is in the background…really wish they would change that.

David Cutler says:

I am having no success with the car play maps/nav system in my 2018 Boxster. Sometimes (very rarely) it will work, for short while but unusually within 5 minutes or so the system seems to get lost. It has no notion of where I am and is directing me to make turns in the middle of the Turnpike. It is beyond frustrating and it is impossible to use. Help!!! Please!!!

Noah says:

Need more CarPlay apps like a weather app or something

Julie Gregory says:

How do I add apps to the Carplay menu?

jl26123 says:

If only using maps didn’t drain all my data……..:(

cryptochrome says:

You are really hard to understand. You’re mumbling. Work on your speech expression.

Berkin Tasli says:

mine does not take screen shot, im on ios 11.3. Any ideas about that ?

m ünlü says:

ok I tell you what. Carplay is useless without a proper accurate map. Apple should let Google maps in Carplay. Otherwise I can still listen to music, make and receive phone calls and messages etc. via bluetooth. Without a good navigation what’s the purpose of using carplay? Stupid stupid apple.

LieutenantGeneraI says:

Applecarplay looks great but the maps app looks horrible

Terry B says:

Too bad my 2015 Malibu isn’t compatible with Carplay.

The info presented here would definitely help – I currently have iOS 10.3 but I notice that even when I zoom into the maps, a lot of the smaller road names still do not increase in font size. Don’t know if iOS 11 would help, although on this video, the road names are larger. That problem is the reason that I prefer using the Garmin GPS. The Garmin does a good job of really making the road names readable and is easily mountable if you don’t have a car that’s compatible with Carplay or if you don’t want to endanger yourself when driving by trying to read the names of smaller roads on the iPhone.

Podcasters Home By Bill Conrad says:

About time. Apple Car Play has a great UI. It is the start of the end of radio.

McJagger says:

Are you consciously imitating Tom Brokaw’s speaking style? It’s a little distracting…

D'Arcy Keast says:

CarPlay wants to play my IPhone music on my 2018 CRV at start up when connected by USB. I find this annoying and wish I could turn off that option.

Patrick Hayhurst says:

Hi. Thanks for the info. Question for you; can you use the app I heart radio on apple CarPlay? Thanks!!!

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