What’s New with CarPlay in iOS 12!

CarPlay has a few new tricks up its sleeve for iOS 12, so we hit the road to see what was new! Including third-party maps (think Google Maps and Waze), faster audio apps, and improvements to Apple’s own Maps app!

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Fan Wu says:

Just update to ios 12. Still no nothing!!!

Alcantara_013 says:

Im on ios12 now, but why there is no waze on my car play

Ralph Giordano says:

where is google maps in ios 12?

MAC Productions says:

Subscribed thank you so much for sharing ! Very informative …check this out!


HardstyleBeats_Mixr says:

For some reason I can’t see the waze app on my screen and everything is on its latest version

davva360 says:

If you have Ford’s Sync 3 Waze will work right now without CarPlay.

AlphaPidgeon says:

Now if I can just make my car use CarPlay 🙂

Fluterra says:

Finally we don’t have to use the POS Apple Maps!

David Carter says:

Funny. One of our cars (2019 MINI) has wireless CarPlay and we don’t even use it. I honestly believe that CarPlay is good for people who have cars that have junk built in audio/media/nav interfaces. The built in version generally offers more integration, so if it’s a good one, it outshines CarPlay and AA.

Gary Xu says:

1:42 居然看到了高德地图!呵呵等了好久终于适配了吗

Tim Kerwin says:

My apple car play thinks my iphone x is an iphone 8. Do you have this issue. It lists my iphone as an 8 plus

Walter Verbeeck says:

So Google made CarPlay better.

Arturo Gonzalez says:

So this isn’t out for the general public yet?

seand67 says:

Enjoying Carplay with my 2019 Camry

Fred Samuel says:

Hooray!! I just downloaded Google Maps for Apple Car Play

MrDutchdemonify says:

The Mini cooper Countryman 2017 with the upgraded screen has Wireless apple car play 🙂

Tony says:

I’m unsure why all the hoopla about CarPlay. It has a bunch a crappy aps that most cars have been redundant apps that do the same shit

Zdravko Primozic says:

HERE WeGo is also supported?

Orlando A Hincapie says:

I’ve iOS 12 beta public but I can’t use Waze or Google Maps… you guys know why I can’t use it ?

clou1969 says:

CarPlay never impressed me. At least Waze will finally work.

davidshead says:


Ha1frican says:

I actually switched from Google Maps to Apple Maps and prefer it now

Victor Lin says:

Does this work if you have an older car without the update? Is there a way to upgrade your car’s apple car play system to the new one?

Orlando A Hincapie says:

Google Maps just update a few seconds ago… ITS ON CARPLAY RIGTH NOW

receo11 says:

I have a app that notifies you when your getting close to a homeless persons bowel movement when your walking around San Francisco.

Sophie Orchard says:

Does anyone know if the new update will fix popping/cracking sounds?

K M says:

after downloading iOS 12, I am seeing old text messages appear on my car play message app. even older messages from 2000. Is anyone else experiencing this? and if so, how to fix the issue. Honda said my car doesn’t have a recall

Maximus Tull says:

While it keeps improving Apple CarPlay is BUTT UGLY.

Come on apple you are better than what we are seeing.

SuperMikoo says:

Do you need to update your car firmware to get the new features?

81lukitas says:

Pointless video

Dada Fan says:

iOS 12.0.1 simply whacks CarPlay… Apple, fix it!

Richard Mankins says:

I have iOS 12 and can not add google map or anything else other then the stock apps. Will it come later or do I need to do something else to add them?

Ari GSD says:

I just got CarPlay in May and I was shocked at what a joke it is. Starting with if you have maps navigation going you can’t change the view on the phone or the map disappears on the CarPlay. ??? Second, some Shortcuts don’t work in CarPlay because, damnit, we can’t be trusted to do some things while driving. Of course, if you disconnect from CarPlay you can do the banned Shortcuts while the car is moving???? Third, there are very few apps that work in CarPlay.

Alexander ND TraveLLer says:

I checked a couple days ago and Waze still not available for Ukraine, probably it was done for some country like US but let see. Google maps is available, so awaiting waze also.

Paul Jamieson says:

I’m too busy running people over on the sidewalk to care about such trivial stuff!!!

howtobebasic1 says:

to bad i cant get that feature installed in my car 🙁

gator966 says:

*Cringe every time he uses his middle finger*

Jack DaRapper says:

Why don’t you answer your phone.

Gabor Nobl says:

Just started to test IOS12 carplay in my BMW. Google maps works perfect, but there is no Waze app on the display. Any ideas ?

More Lin says:

android auto is much better than car play

武Zheyan says:

I updated ios12 yesterday, but I still can’t use google maps on CarPlay, why?

Aaron Zavala says:

Call me when there is weather app support

Jose Alvarez says:

How did you change the logo on AtBat?

sanjesh gupta says:

Installed the ios 12 just now but not able to see or install Google Maps or waze on CarPlay. How do I do that ??

M Mikee says:

BMW iDrive 6 is already supporting wireless Apple car play

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