20 Year Old Student writes Impressive App: PocketPapers Review

PockerPapers on AppStore

Great to have such young talented developers be part of the channel. Max is a student on the website as well learning a ton from both the Instagram and Core Data courses, links below. If you are an aspiring app developer, take inspiration from Max and push your projects onto the Appstore. Have fun.

App submissions:

Intermediate Training Core Data

Instagram Firebase Course

iOS Basic Training Course

Completed Source Code

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Diego Bustamante says:

This is so inspiring!

Anders S says:

cool video brian, really liking these app reviews as it allows us to see what you look for when you are looking at an app.

Gurudutt P says:

That was impressive!

Juan Pablo Melo says:

uhmm – Pinterest?

Aleksey Shevchenko says:

Nice design, but useless.

Leonardo Modro says:

Hey Brian, I started to develop iOS apps inspired by your videos!! I uploaded my first app recently, can you make a review of my app? It would be awesome!! itunes.apple.com/us/app/mymovies-catalog/id1291144826?l=en&mt=8

Alex Cardenas says:

very sleek. Cool Beans.

Yogesh Khanse says:

I’m also 20

Andrian Yohanes says:

I already download that app, and using one of that wallpaper, great job Max… nice design

Alexey Maximuk says:


Techy Guruji says:

Hello sir could you please make tutorials of Android apps on Android Studio

Denis Belfort says:

thanks. really motivates me

Carlos Emmons says:

I have a question.. If you change the loading photos to a Thumbnail base loader… that would affect the zoom in animation because now you have to load the original image that it would take some time… how would you go around that?

Shabab Km says:

Sir please create a classified app tutorial, in android studio

Zain Anjum says:

awesome work keep it up

Bruce Berry says:

that was nice

Aditio Dharma Putra says:

Do you create this app with no storyboard max?

CardinalHijack says:

These kinds of vids are awesome Brian!

Afam Ezechukwu says:

I’m also 20 and I made a nice app 🙂


Hey, thanks Brian, I appreciate the feedback a lot! I implemented the thumbnails by uploading a lower resolution image of the image when uploading. I may be fetching it incorrectly though resulting in it not displaying. Also if you tap the screen when viewing a wallpaper, the header and footer will go away. Another neat feature is that you can swipe between wallpapers after selecting one. Again thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it very much.

Charlyjaja says:

100k subscribers soon… I hope you have something ready for it! 🙂

Ayoub Zouak says:

Hi Brian, you talked about a tutorial for rebuilding the Pinterest App, i looked for it in both the youtube channel and the website and i just can’t find it, could you help me with that ?

Sebastian Sanso says:

Hey Brian, is it possible for you to do some video chat app with Twilio? It could be very useful.

ESnipezHD says:

Love this format, please do more!

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