ABC News MyTime App Review. Scheduling personal appointments at your convenience.

In this MyTime App review see how you can book hair appointments, tanning, chiropractor, dental, oil changes appointments with just a few taps. Have you ever wanted to schedule a hair appointment on Sunday or Monday when the salon is closed? Or, have you called to have a dog grooming appointment scheduled and you get put on eternal hold and end up having to make a second or third call? MyTime App allows consumers to schedule personal appointments at anytime, anyplace even if it is after business hours. See how it all works on today’s ABC News App Chat with tech expert Francie Black.

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Summer Massoud says:

My Time SCAM
I’m giving My Time 1 star review because even though the concept sounds promising, I’ve had several issues with them. 

First of all, My Time Scheduling Service promised to transfer all of my data and personal notes with their sophisticated software system, and guess what?  They never did!!!  This is a huge problem for me because my notes is the most important information that I need to provide better services to my 1050+ clients.  To make it worse, they charged me $300 for this service, which they never provided. Plus $200 for two months of service.

The other issue I have with them is regarding the payment.  At that moment, I allowed a one-time charge to my personal account because I was still in the middle of setting up a new business account.  However, they keep charging my personal account instead of my business account, even after I gave them the business account’s info and expressed my objection. 

I originally agreed to pay $100 per month for their service and after two months, they promised to provide better service at the cost of $50 per month.  Now, the problem is I’m still not getting any service that I expected.  I cannot operate without my personal notes, so My Time is completely useless to me!  I didn’t utilize their service, but they’re still conveniently charging me.  They have collected a total of $1000 from my pocket and will collect another $500 because they said that it’s a breach of contract if I stop paying them. 

My Time is a scam, and if you’re reading this then you should stay away from them!

Go Straley Group says:

really so disappointing that someone would make it difficult,,,, any good reviews?

Charity Menning says:

Beware of this business!!! They “sell” your services for you without authorization and for prices that they make up!!! HUGE SCAM!!!

Charity Menning says:

Ethan, consider the fact that your system basically acts just like some guy coming in off the street, passing out marketing we have already paid for and budgeted for, then sits himself at our cash register and takes over processing payments for our clients, keeps it, and then hands us a smaller percentage of our income for our own work- meanwhile we don’t know who this guys is, why he is sitting our receptionists chair and he booking people for the wrong services, wrong pract…itioners and wrong times, then when he realizes he has made a mistake he cancels the appointment on our clients and sends them to our competition. This is what your “business’ has done to me and many others. It does not make anything easier- it makes things extremely hard. You are also illegally using our business names and images without permission and taking money for it. Dress it up however you like it, but without major changes your investors will surely lose interest. Lesson- don’t hijack small businesses. Have some respect and show some actual win/win value, then we might want to work with you.

Summer Massoud says:

I could never lock someone into something they do not want. I do not want your service and I’m not happy to be tricked into your contract. Thanks for taking my money for the next 11 months.

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