BBC News Review: Fitness app suspended due to security concerns



The Finnish operator of the mobile fitness app Polar has suspended its location tracking application after journalists found it unwittingly revealed information on defence and intelligence personnel from dozens of countries.

Key words and phrases:

allows a secret to be known
-Information leaks due to carelessness when sending emails containing sensitive data.
-The spy knew there was a leak somewhere – she just had to find it.

imperfection or fault
-The company’s financial difficulty has resulted from a flaw in the payment system.
-Everybody has a character flaw or two! It’s what makes life interesting!

without worrying about risk or consequence
-He recklessly gambled his entire month’s pay on a horse? Is he crazy?!
-Despite being warned not to, the politician recklessly criticised public opinion.

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general play says:

Thanks bbc. I love ur videos they are very helpful.

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Rick Sanches el de Morty says:

Both of you guys and your channel have made me improve my english better than my school teachers. Greetings from Spain!!

rayan ark says:

Thank you so much bbc

Saman Ostovar Aliabadi says:

what does tracking mean,in tracking application?thank you,all

Allison Waiting says:

Love u a lot ❤

Solo un topo más says:

This is amazing. I’m so grateful for your efforts to help us

genos diaz says:

You are gorgeous, your job is very helpful!!!

Mo Kona says:

Best english channel ever
Where’s the others guy ??
I hope he’s OK

Chun Chang says:

Catherine and Dan look happy today

Aziza Mirisse says:

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Asma M Salih says:

The goverment spends the money recklessly . Thanks for you keep it up

Sang Nguyen says:

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Anil kumar says:

thanks to you all team

tamanna tiwari says:

U both have nice communicating skills…I love you people…

Md1982IT says:

I am in the military and wherever i go i got briefed about this stuff. All those running app share informations, it s how do we use those apps that expose to risks

Bắc Võ Thành says:

Thank you BBC team, Dan and Catherine, very useful lesson !

Onildo Santos says:

It is good to listen you again, Catherine!

Aref wahb says:

Nice as usaul.
Thanks BBC.
I like this program news review.

naima hassan says:

i love your channel. and the team. thx

ゆうげき says:

floor→ f l double-o r
fatal flaw
let the cat out of the bag

They were a bit difficult^^

jcr1138 says:

A leak can leak a leak. Nice!

Miss Perfect says:

Hi. I’m on your channel recently but already like it. Thank you ❤️

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