Check Out iOS 10’s Revamped Apple News App

The News app in iOS 10 received a facelift. Here’s what to expect.

Visit the post on MacRumors for more:


Nick Clarke says:

Keep doing what you do Mac Rumors! Great video!

D-Squared says:

seriously why the hell does Canada not have the News app still?

Jovian Taylor says:

You can swipe to the right and left in the current version to like or dislike, mute, and report. I don’t see why that’s featured as a change in the upcoming version in this video.

Pietro Di Meglio says:

When will they release a Mac app?

Net Hook says:

When is it going to be available in Canada??

Rhys Cutting says:

Cool. :O

Jennifer McWilliams says:

I wonder if they’ll ever bring the news app to Canada…

Amar Shah says:

Kinda dig the new news app.

Bill Mattheis says:

Love it

akshay patel says:

+MacRumors when ios 10 beta 2 Will be released on which date??

Zhang Xiang says:

Is this app only available in limited stores? I can’t seem to find the app…

Barrett Smith says:

If you make an entire video dedicated to an app update, cover all of the changes!

– Breaking news updates
– Re-organizable favorites (I think)
– Subscriptions
– Quick access to liking and sharing was already available in iOS 9

Tom Paladino says:

Does anyone know if this app uses the newer Safari view controller?

Shad Kerr says:

It’s funny, the Apple News app is something I’m excited about, more so than iMessage.

jefff j says:

Third and notafation squad

LordPine says:

hate this update, should be an option in settings to go back to old view.

David Dablo says:

Is that an apple notebook at 0:26? Where’d you get it?

Bruh Jacques says:

I live in the Netherlands and i cant get the news app. Does someone know how to get the app?

joada211 says:

That’s great but will it finally work outside of being on wifi?

Dwayne Schnell says:

but will it work in Canada? No reason why they have it disabled in Canada.

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