Is it a demake? A spin-off? Or is it the same game with the cuteness factor turned up to 11? Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a odd (and expensive) beast, but one with a lot of lovable quirks.





virgen virgen says:

The story still sucks!!! And the game too!!! Worst final fantasy game ever.


Eliseo Rocha says:

I actually like the graphics, definitely has a charm about it. I still need to finish the console version on my Xbox at some point but P5 and Xenoblade 2 has my attention at the moment.

tasoganedude says:

I believe I like this model; Free to try. Many people I know are disgusted by the Free to play model where it requires you to buy in-app purchases to actually have a good time.
With this model, you get to try the game before you decide to buy it.
Whether or not, it’s compatible with your device, or if it suits your taste.

BAYDROID ! Games/ Movie/ Review INDONESIA says:

Hey, this is epic. I dont mind because it’s on the phone

I have no Name says:

I can’t even play it does not support my device. Rip )=

Matoro Zeliph says:

This is a joke.

Butch Long says:

Is this game open world??????

Malcolm Elliott says:

I like the concept of being able to play a game I loved on Xbox one on my iPhone it is cool

Kilee Moore says:


Mr. Variant says:

Lol demake needs powerful machine

Rashad Gaines says:

You’re an idiot and broke you act like $20 bucks is expensive. That’s all you complained about

Heiko Siebert says:

The visual presentation looks more like Final Fantasy to me than FFXV on consoles. So this would be a purchase for me. But even ignoring the price tab, the game is way too hardware demanding for my actual devices. I could accept slowdowns, but the 8 GB of free internal memory for the HD version killed it for me. But it’s been added to the wishlist. 😉

Strida Outstyle me says:

Do i have to pay 20pounds in one go or will i be paying 20pounds spread over the chapters it goes in?

Java Monkey says:

I would have preferred an original story, but I have to admit that the art style has some real charm. Kinda reminds me of the _Bravely_ games.

Wes K says:

Curses! It’s not out for the US yet. Well, at least it’s closer to a real FF game than FFXV: Mobile Stri…I mean a New Empire

Khalieb Cross says:

I love noctis but dissida oo is poping rn

My name is not Coupe says:

Couple questions for anyone whose played a good bit.. is there fishing? How long is the game ?

CactuarKnight says:

Sorry but this was a really dumb review. A console game’s length of gameplay + story, completely remade (albeit in cutesy style) for pockets all for the price of $19.99 is a steal. From other reviewers claiming the game is honestly a lot of fun and deep, this seems like a very biased review.

Nowez Karasu says:

20 bucks worth it i say~

Broly Legendary Super Saiyan says:

Needs to pay? For this shit? I’ out

evildarklemons dark says:

Me and my favorite funny moments in this game

Marlon Navarro says:

If I would’ve known they will release this version for mobile, I would’ve not bought the console version smh get a grip SE

edmundo macias says:

Why not any of the other ff games they pick this shit one to do

Neb88 says:

I really wanna play this but I got work, I’m looking forward to going home tonite.

evildarklemons dark says:


Puppybot says:

My only problem is…HOW DO I BUY THE BUNDLE FOR FULL GAME??? I use iOS btw

youalwaysliveagain says:

Does it have all the optional dungeons and bosses?

Neb88 says:

I like throwing money at things.. especially girls.

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