Fox News App Review

Review from MKBHD of an Android News Reader Application


viperacr133 says:

You should put an annotation in saying that the vibrant is not a low end phone since its he most powerful android phone out right now.

qwertypoor says:

fox news app wtf lol

eliassami5 says:

@lil0egy0kid he probably just threw out a name and didnt realize what phone he was talking about.

Alexr197 says:

@thedarkdomino You’re getting confused with MSNBC. Even their morning program ‘Morning Joe’ is politically biased.

Alexr197 says:

@lil0egy0kid By unbiased I hope you are not implying MSNBC or in some instances CNN.

Alexr197 says:

@DENTONtech Your comment proves to me you’re more retarded than he is.

jasonozuna says:

MKBHD do u know if people that have android 1.6 are going to get the update of 2.2 or are we out of luck ?

Alexr197 says:

Is this app free? I am planning on getting an Android phone in a few weeks and would love to start stocking up on some apps to get.

Johan Börjesson says:

I prefer BBC News, WSJ and NYTimes.

hiazn69 says:

So, which app has the best national and world news?

BSchwartz40 says:

Did he just say the Vibrant is a low end Android Device???

Carlos Graves says:

cool app, but I agree with @lil0egy0kid

Alexr197 says:

@lil0egy0kid Never in my comment did I say, nor imply, that Fox was unbiased. I simply asked that by ‘unbiased’, you are not implying MSNBC or in some instances CNN. However I do would like to point out that if you actually did watch Fox for a change, you would realize that when a topic arises for debate, there is always a right-wing and left-wing take on it, one person representing each side. That includes Hannity and The O’reilly Factor.

garrettzkool63 says:

the fox app is like the only one that works. ny times never refreshes, usa today doesnt. cnn is worse. on my ipod everything works great! get it together android!

alijahgreen says:

windows phone 7 version is very nice and pretty

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