Native Voice Chat Enabled For Fortnite On Switch?! (No Phone App Needed) | News Wave Extra

So this was unexpected, on the Tree House Live Stream the developers behind Fortnite stopped by to show off the game. During the presentation they mentioned Voice Chat that will work through the headphone jack straight up. This was actually a pretty big announcement as it could open the doors for other developers to do the same thing, solving one of the biggest weaknesses of the Switch.

Hylian Shield 2DS XL Entry:

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Peter Jajou says:

Do they make a headset that’ll plug into the pro controller? Cause Fortnite on portable is cool and all, but I’d like to be able to have a headset if I play fortnite in dock mode or any game similar to fortnite..

sselemaNrM says:

please add gyro epic!

Gareth Roberts says:

Coming from splatoon, I am really missing motion controls.

DisgustedMan says:

I heard it will have support for game chat

EnderMon says:

Got 3 wins today on switch… I feel like no one knows how to play lol… 80% of the people I run into stay still xD (First time playing on a console, only played mobile and pc)

Joseph Moran says:

They could push an update for switch on Thursday kind of like how they updated the switch so it could record clips In games

Polrous says:

“Oh hey I can play Fortnite on the switch now!” *You can’t log into your Epic account because it is associated with a platform that doesn’t allow cross platform” “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-“

Frisk says:

I had to make a new account on switch since I signed Fornite with Google plus and how do you make friends in there?

MOby says:

I hope they get rid of the whole voice chat app and just make it an Nintendo online app, like the leaderboards and people playing and invites just get rid of the voice function through the cell phone. that’s so cave man like and I love Nintendo

Chloe Mcholoe says:

I had no stuttering or any issues though, but the Login time is insanely long!
I just don’t like the game at all anyway, and barely got a kill tbh.

PC has 144 frames ;P

Bat cup says:

If nintendo pays my phone bill and replaces the battery Im all for using the phone app.

RudyGGs says:

Can’t transfer any of my progress/paid skins over because I played Fortnite on my PS4 a couple of times. This is so frustrating and I’m surprised more Nintendo YouTube channels aren’t reporting on it.

logicalfundy says:

Sigh, Nintendo needs to just stop with this whole phone app for voice chat thing. It’s awkward. It’s not a great idea.

JackStez Savage says:

3:44 heres what your looking for

Mike Strong says:

Good lets keep this trend going.

Chosen Wisely says:


Well, it’s YOUR fault, actually! You should have read the EULA and ToS before and NOT create an Epic Account or link to it. It’s not Sony’s policy, your account would be locked to the platform you first created and/or linked to an Epic account. If anything, it is EPIC’s fault.

Crysco says:

This is why you are the #1 source for any breaking/trending game news. You rock broski! Keep grinding man. Your content output is impressive!

Kevin Osorio says:

Since Sony has locked us out from syncing up our progress.. where is the value of playing fornite on switch? For someone who has gone through a lot to start all over again… Man.. not a good thing. I wonder if the percentage of players that have this problem is huge? Hopefully something can be changed. Until then I’ll just play on ps4, feels weird like being forced but ah well.

Addict says:

For some reason I haven’t heard anybody talking about crazy justice. I wonder why

Andrei Vasilciu says:

so why do they have that fffffffffffffffff crap app and god awfull system

Harry Sacket says:

Did Nintendo postpone the android release of fortnite??

Whyareyou here? says:

I played with my squad and it doesn’t work the voice chat, I’m so mad.

Magic Bronco says:

Let go finally

Rh O- Jedi says:

no n64 classic???????

grimwatcher says:

Ugh we desperately need gyro controls, aiming with joycons is like walking with cement shoes, technically possible but miserable

CommanderTaco says:

Voice chat doesn’t work for me

Christopher Kensei says:


Brian Irizarry says:

Rocksteady is going to be at the Warner Bros event today

Andrew c says:

Bought hollow night. I think people were way too hard on the pres. It was actually really well done.

Archkyrie11 says:

Ok so we can plug a mic in, the app is still way more convenient when docked. People forgetting that???

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