Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Companion App Revealed – IGN News

Rockstar has revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be receiving an official companion app that will be launching alongside the game on iOS and Android on October 26, 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Launch Trailer:

What We Want in Red Dead Online:

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MrFormenis says:

what’s the point of creating a video of 1 minute if i have to watch the video and read on it as it’s only music and no voice over?

jamiecivic says:

App doesnt exsist on Android/google play

lol who did this says:

Companion app = distraction+useless

Doctor Coral says:

We are in 2018. Rockstar in 3018. :,)

kult_deyo_DHA says:

Mafia + witcher = rdr 2

modelizer says:

Nothing says “wild west” like a companion app.

Genius Nigam says:

This is called a real companion app. All other game companion apps are just apps. But this app will enhance our gaming experience

Tpaj says:

An awesome feature i will absolutely never use

MegaPlayDoe says:

Picking it up tomorrow at GameStop 9 pm let’s get ittttttttt

Guro _18 says:

Dam it’s been 8 years..hehe glad I’ve replayed RDR 5 times counting 6 now since I finished it again yesterday. Here we go prequel time! Any long time fans here? Hehe I still love Red dead revolver

Molda22 says:

does anyone know where or when can you get the app? i have not found it anywhere. it should be on the google play for android right?

Gabriel Bowden says:

This is something I can get behind as a companion app. Fallout 4’s was okay but glitchy and GTAV’s existed just so my license plate could be “Poop.” If it’s smooth and works, I’ll never have my HUD on.

HellRazah420 says:

10/10 IGN

Novus Grimnir says:

So the companion app can be used when removing the HUD for a “cleaner experience” but then invites the player to look away form the screen to check that information? Okay, lol. No thanks, that’s far less immersive.

Green Goblin says:

Author Morgon doesn’t seem like a vibrant character

SeriouS PooL says:

Worthless to be honest

jerry hilaski says:

23 hours 27 mins

Molda22 says:

and does anyone know minimum requirements for this app? Because on my Xperia Z2 (android 6.0) i cannot download the app from the store because it says it is incopatible with my device. Does anyone knows something about that? I havent found anything on the app web page or anywhere else. thanks

MrRedMarshmallow says:

Was going great until it mentioned the Social Club…

nirukts says:

This game seems to have borrowed several tiny features from Metal Gear Solid 5

Xbox Gamer2018 says:

Its not out

Francois Smith says:

So where do we download this app from?

George Jacinto says:

This sounds genius, best usefull companion app I’ve heard of so far

clerus17 says:

Why I need an app to see the map and my health I just play the game


Anyone know minimum requirements? I’m rocking a j7 prime with 3gb ram and Android 7.

Joshua Iungerich says:

Basically the lower screen on the ds

Lazy Guyzzz says:

Remove the hud? I think you mean move the hud…

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