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If you’re a news junkie like I am, you need your fix at any moment. And there’s a ton of great apps and sites out there that you can check out, but today I want to highlight an app that’s already one of the most popular news sites in India. It’s called Rediff and it’s free and available on every platform. Now you’re probably wondering what makes them unique — well one thing that I loved about the app is how they have a category for every single interest out there that aggregates news from all over the web from the top resources in the world — places like reuters, the new York times, and the Washington post. And if you’re reading something interesting, their technology suggests similar categories and articles to check out. Now they’ve managed to make each platform have a different feel. The android version also has a “”My News”” category that you can customize to receive only news on topics you’ve chosen. You can also receive breaking news push notifications and mark your favorite articles for reading later on. But one thing I loved that I haven’t seen in most news apps is you can access previously read articles without service — so if you’re on a train or in a dead spot, you can continue reading. So to give rediff a try — whether it be stocks, entertainment, sports, or news in India, head to


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