RTX 2080 Ti Reviews Are Out! Youtube’s Gaming App Is OUT and More!

The 2080 and 2080 Ti reviews are out, is it that bad ? Youtube ends its gaming app in march and more!
RTX 2080 Review:https://bit.ly/2pnnTVh
Youtube Gaming is ending : https://bit.ly/2plsNCf
Firefox Reality : https://bit.ly/2QJVrJB
Playstation Classic : https://bit.ly/2OAK0m9
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Adr Raz says:

PS classic won’t run ps2 games. Sad. 🙁 I wanna play KOF and bloody roar 3 again 😛

mario soto says:

Well a 380 to a 2080 is night and day

Fetus PC-TECH says:

Yes please do a live stream and let us see how this card performs live and unedited . Then we will see how it holds out , how stable the drivers are and all that good stuff . Cheers

Spakes says:

What’s the difference between 380x and 2080 in professional workload in your sphere (a. k. a. video production)? Just interested, is there a big difference in rendering times and workflow speed and comfort.

Nytalix says:

Aren’t apart of HWC? The team could have added their own individual opinions in a segment

RealDaveTheFreak says:

If I remember correctly, you do have a Rift. I’ve not yet seen any reviews including VR performance… a few thoughts there would be nice.

BLK GNX says:

I don,t think i have ever seen a card go for the msrp that Nvidia has said it would be. I not going to bother to get a 2080 ti @1700.00 cad. The hell with that shit. LOL.

goozzz666 says:

Please make intro not so loud, every time I need to skip or lower volume. Keep good job!!!

Sgt. HunterS730 says:

How is the RTX 2080 card? I’m interested in buying it.

SanBest93 says:

Have you considered adding dates at the end of the titles?

Benjamin Wagener says:

I don’t care about the PlayStation mini, because it’s to expensive, 3D-games aren’t aging as good as the 2D-games from Nintendo and I don’t need it to play Final Fantasy VII.

mgb2012 says:

need for speed

scruff says:

1080Ti is the better pick. Cheaper too.

Rachid Saad says:

The only game I want is Silent Hill

Obed Blas says:

I swear man, I had like 50 notifications for the RTX cards. Almost every single YouTuber bashed it and, you know what made me buy on of those 2080ti fuck it. Lol

frusignu2011 says:

resident evil 1 2 3 survivor

Vatsalya Verma says:

yeah rtx game streaming can you play normal games like CSGO and overwatch not bechmarking games

Semo Koda says:

so happy for you and your upgrade! 😀
not everyone should have a 2080 Ti.. at least you paid for yours 😀

Sir Lagsalot says:

Waiting for 2060 or Navi

Marc-André B says:

This is an “early adopter” year for nvdia. They’ll get sales with people who have cash. Others will take advantage of 1080ti at reasonable prices until they sell out.

Ismael says:

way faster than predecessor? Hah. Great. Now I have to unsubscribe from you, too. Come on man..

xMik3x says:

Wooooo game livestream with new gear! that’s what i’m talking about!

Zeta Alpha says:

Microsoft is adding RTX (ray tracing) in the Fall update in Oct, but no games out can use ray tracing. So pay a lot for unused tech, or keep ya money.

thomas Holst says:

2080 ti sli Benchmark Aint it supported yet ?

mitchtheh4x0r says:

Comment #17

Deon Spates says:

I think the 1080 Ti is a better option right now. Hell, I would go with a RX 580 with the deals AMD has going on right now.

My Man Zach says:

Definitely bring back that Spiderman 2000!!!

Daniel A. says:

How does it do in Ubuntu?

mario soto says:

I’m glad I didn’t sell my 1080ti

Hell_0n_Wheelz says:


ACS says:

Hell yes, JetMoto!!!!!

bad meme says:

I want to get a laptop with dedicated graphics, but dont know if u should wait for the 2050/2050 ti or just get a 1050/1050 ti now. About suggestions/thoughts?

Cracked Controller says:

Nice keyboard! What is it called?

Charles Gilbert-Lapierre says:

PS1 classic like Sega Genesis Flashback with Cartridge games support. A Damm CD-ROM to use my old CD. Sorry nintendon’t take note.

JoshKeatonFan says:

Why are these videos coming out so late today?

Marc-André B says:

Question qui tue: tu votes pour qui? (Sait que c’est pas important mais je présume un PLQ) je te pardonne anyways lol

Mighoet says:

I’ll wait till the new Nvidia GPU’s are a little bit more “baked”.

Aierek says:

You know what’s really scary.
You kinda look like a rapper from my country, his name is Jacco(Jacques Mattar)

Matt G says:

PS1: Bust a move. 😉

jaz sahota says:

Once the 10 series overstock has sold out, the price for the 20 series will most certainly drop – but not at first! Expect to wait at least 9 months after the 10 series’ price drop. Even by the, it still might not be enough of a price drop. My suspicion leads me towards Nvidia raising the price exponentially this round before AMD get back on track and Intel joins the fray. Once there are 3 GPU’S to choose from, NONE will sell at this price.


Crest says:

Was there ever a youtube gaming section? Good to know.

brandon castro says:

Nvidias prices are following the trend, in a year they’ll drop way down

Brad Haines says:

could you do a nvidia launch price history as proof of the unreasonable jump to 2000 series? go back to say 680, or at least as far as you can find

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