Swift News #9 – App Store, Working From Home, App Architecture & More

Swift News is all about curating this week’s latest news involving iOS Development. This week I discuss how app discovery in the App Store is improving, how developers should respond to user reviews and the benefits of working remotely. I also discuss a new book on App Architecture, ARC and Memory Management as well as Accessibly in apps.

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App Store: 0:58
App Review Response: 2:10
Work From Home: 3:08
App Architecture Book: 5:09
Memory Management Guide: 6:33
Accessibility: 7:35
LLDB Video: 9:06
Design – Adobe XD: 10:30
HAHAHA – ClassicKit: 11:35

Links in the show:

App Store Discovery:

Devs Respond to User Reviews:

Remote Work Study Article:

Memory Management Guide:

Under The Radar Podcast:

LLDB Debugging Video:

Adobe XD Design Tool Article:



Cyril Garcia says:

Is there a difference between iOS Engineer and iOS Developer?

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

9:06 Very nice lldb primer, yet again, is this the best proprietary software can give its developers? For linux there is qira.me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGl6kpSajag

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

5:10 The book is nice, in particular I like the chapter on The Elm Architecture. I have been reading the book while they wrote it and released it in chunks to people who paid upfront. I always copy/paste from their MD and paste it into Quark with a reasonable font such as Garamond before I read this stuff. From the title alone I expected full stack; App Architecture is front end only and does not cover anything like REST, microservices, blockchain or ipfs …

sludgeman1 says:

Hi Sean, Ive seen that the Bootcamp you went isn’t taking students anymore . Is there any bootcamp specialized in iOS/macOS that you would recommend? maybe one you hsve heard good comments or that you have seen graduated students with good skills.

Abdi says:

How did you change the youtube color to black

Dima Virych says:

Hey, Sean. You have very interesting videos. And thank you for adding me to the LinkedIn. Can I have your feedback on my profile?
Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damienissa/

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

Adobe is sort of established and very heavy on your computer; I use a combination of Interface Builder, FontLab Studio VI, Affinity Photo and Designer for what you guys use Sketch for.

govind k says:

Hello Sean….is there any way to call a view controller function from app delegate other than posting notifications?

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

10:13 I recommend using youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxgupnAYBJM then view the video in MPV or MPlayer, pushing SPACE will pause, while pushing S will make a screenshot to your desktop.

Rahul says:

Awesome video!

A Swiftly Tilting Planet says:

Great video Sean! I am trying to work on my accessibility knowledge this year as well and I found this video by Sommer Panage to be very helpful.
She talks about why you should implement accessibility, and also has code examples.
Accessibility: iOS for All

Ali Zuberi says:

great video

Prateek Choudhary says:

Man these are getting better every week. I’m glad I stumbled upon this channel. You got a sub Sean. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

2:10 ^^

Shubh Patni says:

should you learn objc now??

John Payne says:

You might hate singletons, but a good way of thinking about unowned is that it’s the right way to handle secondary references to a singleton that’s created when your app launches and won’t be deallocated until your app is removed from memory, because it eliminated pointless reference counting overhead.

Khaled Ayon says:

I was just waiting for the video man. LLDB was the best pick for me from this video, tx a lot man.

Diogo Henrique says:

I might work well from home, but….yeah, it’s great work at office env as well.

Jacob Tran says:

Sean you went from a salesman to a nerd xD

XICO says:

Solid episode! That book is definitely going on my whishlist…

tananta29 says:

Hey Sean, have you considered a new series reviewing subscriber apps? It would be cool to get your feedback and see what others here think as well.

btw, I just published a free visual sports/activity checklist app to make sure you have all your gear before heading out for a game(like basketball). Maybe you can try it out and let me know what you think. Not spamming, so no worries if you don’t have time 🙂


Global View says:

Your sis still there? e? 🙂

Go Fudge YourSelves says:

This is going to be my first WWDC as I just started learning iOS. Are all WWDC videos available on youtube?

J. M. Camacho says:

Sean, Thank you for your time making the video, hope your eye is getting better.

Yannick Jacques says:

There is a profanity free version of the closure syntax website : http://goshdarnclosuresyntax.com

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

4:22 and when you commute take the train if there is room to unfold the computer for 1 – n hours. The ritual activity of driving a car will never give you room to write anything by hand or on your computer.

Prasanna says:

As a dev who gets works from contracts how often do you find work?/ do you make enough to save a little bit past expenses or are you barely making ends meet?

krutomjer says:

When he said “You work from home, you work from company” in the “work from home segment”, it reminded me of the rush hour scene when Chris Tucker looks for Yu 😀

Ingo Ngoyama says:

Very useful as always. You are a great help to the community. Thank you.

Mrs. Man says:

sean I have a question, even though i know you told us a couple of times that you dont work much with Core ML and Vision. but maye somebody in the community can help 🙂
i would like to create an app that tracks my wrist and puts an watch around it. would it be possible for CoreML/Vision to track my wrist and place the watch correctly, even if I turn my hand all the way around? its a bit complicated, hope i dont bother you too much.

ps: i think its unnecessary to say but great episode as always. it such a nice and reasoned format!

Dimitris Theo says:


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