3 Photo Apps For Better Phone Photos! Shure SE215 Earphone Review, Best Wire Cutter For Makers!

Awesome Android Photography Apps! Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphone Review, Best Wire Cutter For Makers Costs $5!
01:42 Android Photography
Anthony asks “could you give some advice on the best settings or android apps to use for smartphone photography?” Sure! Shannon’s got a ton of tips that’ll work with iOS, too… we talk VSCO, Snapseed, and Adobe’s Lightroom photo apps, and gadgets like lenses in the video!
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vsco.cam&referrer=utm_source%3Dcorporate%26utm_medium%3Dcorpweb v

14:26 Shure SE215 Review
Can Shure’s entry level in ear monitor, the SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones, replace 1MORE’s Triple Driver as our favorite earbud under $100? Watch the video to find out… especially if you need in ear monitors that block background noise, or constantly trash headphone cables!!! (Earbuds around $25? Check The Wirecutter!)

22:51 Wire Cutters for Electronic Makers!
JayLuigi tweets, “@patricknorton I can’t remember the wire snippers you recommended heeeelp?👌” For most things? Channellock! But you probably saw us using Haako’s CHP-170 Micro Soft Wire Cutter!

25:21 Blocking Facebook Photos You Don’t Want To See
Lance asks, “how can we hide someone’s FaceBook photos from our eyes without stopping people who what to see them.” We discuss your options, and Facebook Notification Settings, in the video.

29:16 Search for Books and eBooks In Your Local Library!
From the we had no idea department, You can now check for ebooks at your local libraries on Google Search! We demo how it works (and where you look for ’em) in the video!

30:38 Do Something Analog
Like Mark, who tells us about the Mayowood Mansion, picking apples, and “over 300 bushels (600 5-gallon pails) of black walnuts with our 4H club” in the video! Awesome!
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Scruffkingman says:

i have the older SE215 clear ones are these any different

Pure Pressure Concepts - Custom Car Audio says:

hack for the cables.  can buy the nvx headphones for just the cable.  same cable with mic etc.  very cheap.

TekThing says:

Who’s got a photography tip to share???

Zishan Ahmed says:

I have some shure se215’s… would definitely recommend

Zane Revai says:

VSCO is Awesome!!!!

darkinertia2 says:

Hey i got that same magpul case patrick has…magpul anything is awesome

Joshua Moyer says:

you could try http://socialfixer.com to filter out stuff on facebook. There’s options to “filter” and “hide posts” that might help

dbright says:

facebook pix: back in the day browsers let you disable rendering of pictures bc they took too much bandwidth over modems. cant test because i dont have fb but… i wonder…

Jason Maggini says:

The F.B. Purity browser extension (fbpurity.com) lets you customize the Facebook page pretty extensively. Hide stories based on keyword or other criteria, hide various components on the page, etc. Don’t think it filters based on photos (yet), but it cuts the noise down nicely.

Adam says:

Wirecutter is now owned by The New York Times … FYI… Also for a great headphone – try the XIAOMI in-ear headphones – they are like $30 and awesome for the price.

DoctorNoMD says:

I have a pair of SE215s, and I LOVE them. Great recommendation. With a headphone amp, they’re almost unbeatable for the price.

Tyler says:

the new google phone pixel 2 is out what do you guys think of it

John Matthias says:

Great show.

dbright says:

photojojo… waa that a powerpuff girls reference?

Johnny R030T says:

Just Delete facebook and then immediately you’ll be walking on sunshine! You will sleep better. Food will taste better. Your skin will glow. You may notice that there are other life forms and you are not alone in the universe! You instantly become smarter. Just over all you will have less drama and anxiety in your life. I do not like drama and every since I closed my account I’ve been much happier. My family was like “OMG! HOW WILL WE KNOW HOW YOU’RE DOING?!”.. To which I said “867-530niiieeeiiin”. Yeah that’s right, that little facebook box you carry in your pocket actually has a phone! whooaa?! Whaaaat?! sweet. DO EET! 😉 Your welcome.

Christian Gendreau says:

Hakko CHP-170 are 19$ in Canada!!!!

david germain says:

first thing i watch after installing new Graphics card.

Dan Kartor says:

Thanks for the SE215 review.

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