4 Must Have Apps For Editing Your Photos

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Follow along and edit with Taylor, as she shows her 4 favorite mobile editing apps! She shows her favorite tips and tricks to make simple, minimal editing go a loooong way. Hopefully you find something helpful in this video to improve your mobile workflow! As always, feel free to ask questions in the comment section!

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jkenlive says:

Almost completely use Snapseed with Instagram but these are some cool tips.

Maksim Gladkiy says:

What’s the point of using darkroom just for straightening and editing brightness if you can do all these things in VSCO ?

Jacko Rodulfa says:

Taylor is the best start of a new year i had. Hahaha. Good job on this tho taylor.. much love my dudes from moment!

Nicholas Smith says:

Instead of fade in VSCO to bring up the shadows, why not edit the highlights and shadows in afterlight? I understand VSCO if you want filters, but I feel like afterlight is really well rounded like a mobile lightroom.

shontrashi says:

What do we do with the MacBook ? 🙂

のぢGrey says:

I make custom presets on LightRoom but it bothers me that you can’t bulk apply presets.


actually… maybe just YouTube!!!!

Lit. Bungaku says:

i’m not good at english,but i can learn what u r doing.
thanks from japan!

Gaurav Bhosale says:

Can u please send the me moment pro camera apk for Android I can’t afford it but love the moment pro camera so please send me thanks

Vincent Tse says:

great tutorial!! always inspired by not just by the workflow but how they think in the whole process. would like to see more videos on the thinking behind each shots and photos edited!

Keith Korneluk says:

That was super helpful. Thanks!

Aaron Robles says:

I’m a big fan of the lightroom + lens distortions combo for mobile. VSCO is pretty dope too.

Jiris MV says:

Does anyone know her instagram I’ve been trying to find her /:

mikes41720 says:

Darkroom and Afterlight isn’t on the Google Play Store, right? Do you guys have any alternatives for Android?

Žan Poglajen says:

The best place to post your edited photos is app called Belacam. You get paid in crypto for every like you receive. Truly a social media of the future. As an amateur photographer,  Belacam allows me to easily earn some extra cash for my photos.

Dave Brathwaite says:

I seems to me that most of the editing done in the other apps can also be done in snapseed. Not so?

문양섭 says:

Happy new year Moment team~!!! I really enjoy watching your videos. I’d like to use moment lens, but my phone is LG V30. Please let me know how to use mement lens. Is there anything like phone case or lens adapter something? Can i figure it out?

sijil o says:


Ilya kim says:

I don’t see the point of using Darkroom, while having Snapseed or VSCO.

billtang79 says:

I’ve been using Affinity foto by Serif on my iPad Pro. It’s as powerful as desktop Photoshop

Brandon Lee Sanders says:

Once she said filters…
Everything else went in one ear and out the other. This is an absolute joke to real photographers.

Marshall H says:

Take a drink every time she says “Workflow”

Richard Ella says:

LR CC and VSCO for processing and the Retouch App is the best in class for healing or removing unwanted elements. SKRWT app is great for fixing distortion.

Karan Thori says:

Give me four app

Bryson W says:

I noticed the pictures were taken in jpg. Should I go with heif or jpg?

Rafael Pérez says:

Great video! Thank you.

Apollo says:

Can you make a video about the filters you sell??

Abran Martinez says:

Icy tay be killin it! Currently editing nye pics shot on my moment fiddy eight!

Robin Stedem says:

Can you do an edit video with an android phone? Seems only fair since you sell products for both markets. Love Taylor’s work

Aan Supraditya says:

Well, happy new year! And happy to see this cool tips. Yeah go girl..

beksrj says:

Like before watching! She is very nice;)

Adam Craggs says:

Snapseed is all you need!

Gabriel Fung says:

Lightroom CC Mobile -> VSCO / RNI Films for Filter

rjosephxo says:

Taylor CUTE cute

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