6 Best Camera Apps for iPhone That You Need to Try


Video Description:
Ever see those shot on iPhone billboards? You know, the ones that are showing some beautiful scene from around the world that looks remarkably beautiful for being shot on a phone? There are a few ways that photographers get these photos to look so good, and it’s more a testament to the phone’s software than just the camera lens.

iPhone photographers use a ton of editing apps (ones on their phone even) and also most even use different camera apps on their iPhone to get more control over the shot than the standard camera app provides.

After scouring the web for you guys (and deciding a “camera app” needs to be able to take photos to count), it became clear that there were at least 6 camera apps for iOS that kept coming up in every recommendation. And while the photographer using these apps greatly effects the outcome of the shot, these camera apps are a good place to start.

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golden army • says:


Meng Chou says:

How to install cydia on iOS 10.0.1 ? No computer ??

rushi dahale says:

Hey Bro How To Jailbreak ios 10.0.2

Abul Kalam says:

can you tell me the last camera app name

Cohex17 says:

Apcahe Mr 24 7 365 Have ever you felt?

EWave says:

Bro you need to post more bc your videos are unique

EverythingApple Tech says:

Subscribe to me please if I get 200 subscribers I will to tech reviews

Little Shrimp says:

Nice vid love it

Elihu. says:

We had one for iOS,now one for Android! 🙂


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Gubacsi Zsolt says:

Love that intro music can someone tell me it’s title?

Super9112008 says:

Can Hipstamatic shot in RAW?

Linglan Jia says:

Try Fotor

sheryar qureshi says:

which is the best app ?

Perry Pelican says:


Astro Arunesh says:

nice i think i should try one

Young Cario says:

what was the last one?

cxllum T says:

Sub me now please if I get over 100 subs my dad will stop drinking

Yaduvanshi Kshatriya Ahiraat. Real-Yadav. says:

+TheUnlockr I’m new to an Android device. I want to install new ROMS. PLEASE help me for that…

Tim datoolman says:

I can’t find Pro Camera 9 in the app store?

JB0Y74 says:

I wish there’s a default switching option for camera app. Often I end up using the default camera just because it’s right there!!!

Kevin Philip says:

Hey man, could you upload a video of your setup? The lighting and everything. Its an amazing angle.

melanie video star says:

cool video love it

Abhishek Bose says:

for Android?

Pandy Payne says:

When do you have birthday?

Deborah Hobbs says:

musemage is awesome!

Atdmex says:

Your vids are so cool!

Yvng Cocaine says:


manooti says:

Manual takes RAW images now, updated. 645 Pro is the best one but waaay too many buttons, no raw yet.

Andrew Guidroz says:

Thanks for the insight!

GuGu E. Michaels says:

Pro Cam is amazingly great!! It’s like a real camera. All manual control. You may want to check it out.

Fattah Gh says:

Looking forward for your review of iPhone 7/7 plus

Tora says:

I can’t find that Camera+ in AppStore, don’t know why. o.o

Deborah Hobbs says:


Munmro Shell says:

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21 Savage says:

App is important but phone’s camera has to be good too if you want a good shoot
PS. I think those photos “shoot on iPhone” are shoot on high resolution cameras.
Cool vid anyway 😉

Shay_345 Playz says:

1k liker

sannan mughal says:

It is one of the best

Conrad Know-How says:

Great overview of some of the best apps. I’ll be checking these out. Links in description for these would be a no brainer.

Curious why filmic didn’t make it into your video.

Dali Elabed says:

Yeah it’s free !!! so check Manual in the App Store

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