7 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018/2019!

The Best Camera Apps For Android 2018/2019 And I am Sure You Would Definitely Like It 😀

(0:19) Manual Camera : https://goo.gl/RQ1wgZ
(0:59) Filmic Pro : https://goo.gl/sHUA7N
(1:59) Selfissimo : https://goo.gl/BHKLgT
(2:33) Camera Nx : https://goo.gl/8BWtmi
(3:13) Motion Stills : https://goo.gl/h2E4Qc
(3:40) Retrica : https://goo.gl/diqdcG

(4:09) Shotlight : Unfortunately Shotlight app is remove from play store, but I have another alternative app called “Moment Pro Camera” : http://bit.ly/2O0un7D

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Alvara DaCosta says:

Can you list the links in your description about each driver site that your talking about?
Plus, you talk do fast… Lol
Thank you

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Samar Ansari says:

Bhai koi portrait mode camera app batao please please

Kaushik Talukdar says:

Camera nx not working

TheBlessedDriver says:

Thanks for sharing. This is good info.

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MuruG Edits says:

Paid versions of applications.

lovepieguy says:

What camera do you use

Gaming Heroo says:

moment pro camera is not running in my phone note 5 pro and mi a1 saying that the app is not compatible for your device.plz say in which mobile the app will run perfectly

Sasha Nicolaas says:

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Christian Talero says:

Do you have a good website to get a bartender’s licence ?

David Lucky says:

(1:59) Selfissimo : hahahahahahahahaha.. big eyes nice

Vikash Kumar says:

I m not able to download filmic pro app for my Android phone.

Prem Singh Kori says:

इस app ka name kaya hai

X Marks the Spot says:

Where do you get information on brand ambassador? I looked but I am not finding anything 🙁 Thanks for your help!

WebHeadSpidey says:

This was awesome dude!

kakoli medhi says:

Filmic pro Mei front camera nahi hai Kiya?

Matthew Geddis says:

Doordash, Postmates sucks

Surveysboy says:

A great video my friend. Ty for sharing

Jimmy JAMES says:

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Dorita says:


J. Thompson says:

Thanks – these are very good ideas – something for everyone.

Phil Chernesky says:

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Marydanski says:

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Mrinmay Das says:

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Babita Devi says:

selfissimo doesn’t capture the image according to the pose it capture the image according to the stability

Suraj Kumar says:

bro camera nx is not working in my mi A1….

newstvsign says:

Nothing…described on screen?

Gaming Heroo says:

which phone you are using in video to run the app

Jesse McElroy says:

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Which is your mobile shown in this video

Kshitiz prasad says:

Maine sab camera apps ko install kar ke dekha but mere ko toh camera nx bahut best laga!! Maine sab YouTube videos dekha lekin aap ka video no.1 hai

Daniel Candido says:

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My fav was filmic pro

Unlucky Ball says:

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respinoza89 says:

Wow, YouTube pays your ALL your bills? I thought you needed a much larger subscriber base… good to know..

Swimming with Sharks says:

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Kunjal Chapagain says:

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Valerie Foster says:

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Sarita Mishra says:

Bro filmic pro dose not ❌ work on Redmi note 5 pro

Iris Collins says:

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Abhilash Chand says:

Which is best app ?

gentry43 says:

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Centennial says:

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Sasha S says:

Great info!!! Thank you so much

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Siraz Uddin says:

Download hy na vai…,l

Nova Lovely says:

I love your content

Arkansas king says:

Trying taskrabbit app

urban expression says:

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OG Old Gamer says:

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Alexis Cardenas says:

Any apps besides craigslist that you can look for job posts?

Tomas Martinez says:

Marc, can you elaborate? HOW do you do the brand thing like all you said was you can make a lot of money, yes but HOOOOOW? where do I go and what do I do before I end up handing out free samples?

tqsuited says:

Animal minding? Do people not have a family member or friend who can drop by every 2nd day to feed the pet, collect mail, check on house? I do this every time my parents or siblings go on vacation, or at least share the responsibility with someone else, for free.

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