9 Best iPhone Photography Apps

Talking about my FAVORITE iphone apps for photography along with some random apps that I use every day.

Long exposure tutorial: https://youtu.be/g6DIaFnnCiI
360 Panorama tutorial: https://youtu.be/voizuRsx1aM
Thanks for the idea, Sarah! http://youtube.com/saradietschy

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Get Photoshop and Lightroom: http://bit.ly/getediting
Go-to DSLR: http://bit.ly/6dmarkII
Pocketcam: http://bit.ly/g7xpocketcam
Super Lightweight Photo Tripod: http://bit.ly/traveltripods
Mini Flexible Tripod: http://bit.ly/minitripods
Best, Cheapest Lens You Need: http://bit.ly/cheap50mm
Killer Telephoto Lens: http://bit.ly/200mmtelephoto
Cheap Fisheye Lens: http://bit.ly/cheapfisheye
Amazing Wide Angle Lens: http://bit.ly/neatwideangle
All Purpose Zoom Lens: http://bit.ly/24to105lens
Video Mic: http://bit.ly/videomicrophone
Polaroid Camera: http://bit.ly/polaroidcam
External Hard Drive: http://bit.ly/hardestdrive

For more camera equipment + review, scope http://joshkatz.me/my-camera-setup


Joey Pruitt says:

Google photos is sick

Kane Panić says:

I bought that 360 camera app after seeing your video on it, I used it quite a bit but hate that you cant edit the stereographic view

Sacha Ristic says:

Thanks for the “Been” app. Love it !!

bat prime says:

If people can afford cell phone they can buy dalr camera how much does phone cost 200 maybe more and monthly bill on top that person can buy dslr camera if they didn’t own phone

ericsedits says:

Polarr is a great photo editing app it has so many tools along with Superimpose

Mr. misha channel says:

I need photoeditor wich can mix some photos in one

Zack says:

>lives in awesome places like NYC and Florence
>sits in his apartment talking for half his videos

sometimes I feel like Josh isn’t really into YouTube nowadays and he does just barely enough to keep his channel going. that’s fine and all, but then he’ll rationalize his situation by dissing popular YouTubers, saying daily vloggers aren’t making real art or putting thought into their work, etc. at least those types make an effort to go out and do interesting stuff. if you’re gonna turn into some jaded hipster at least stop dressing like shit.

maybe I’m completely off base though. just getting weird vibes from this channel lately. Josh is probably just more into school and socializing since starting college.

also I didn’t even watch this but I bet he professed his love for Tinder at least a couple times.

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

Make a video for galaxy phones?

Deborah Hobbs says:

MUSEMAGE is an awesome photo app! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ilko Allexandroff says:

Awesome video, got a couple of apps I didn’t know! I’ve just been thinking of making a video introducing my most used apps! Greetings from Japan!

Maryanne S says:

Do you have a how to use camera+ tutorial?

Avaya Kandel says:

hwy subscribe to my chaanel

Phyre Z TV says:

Have you ever tried the Procamera app? Similar to Camera+.

Blue red gamer Lol says:


Dosenbier says:


Jay Robbeh says:

PABLO is a cool light painting app

The Joker says:

10:06* you know it’ll be a long video

Steve says:

What app do you recommend for noodz?

Lukas Schroeder Films says:

josh have you heard of city and colour? i usually just listen to rap but recently found them and love their music

leo says:

The best photo editing app is Snapseed tho

Young Saint Laurent says:

Why do I get Michael Cera vibes from you

Pierre Bonnafé says:

Super cool tips thanks!

Finn Thornton says:

You should really check out Polarr Josh. Has a lot of the essentials of photoshop and it’s free.

Kyle Pschak says:

No Snapseed?

m0c_productions says:

Listen to oberhofer

Edgar Rivera says:

I subscribed

nai keltee says:

Blackbox is a really fun game to download

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