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Affinity Photo is a new amazing photo editing software by Serif and it is being seen as a Photoshop competitor. In this hands on review, I do a complete walk through of Affinity Photo the new software for photographers and designers. This software is super powerful and is a competitor with Adobes photoshop but only cost’s $50 in the app store.

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It’s available for mac and windows right now and is really turning a lot of heads. One of the heads it has turned is Apple’s. At their 2017 WWDC they unveiled the power of their new iPads by showing off the new Affinity Photo App for the iPad which I also have and will be reviewing. The desktop app is just as impressive and has the capabilities to do image editing, photo manipulation, design for print and web graphics. It comes jammed pack with tons of features and In the video, I cover some but not all of them.

It’s great for cutting out subjects, making tone and color corrections, building beautiful composites and more.


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Tom says:

Watch this video if you want to see someone use Affinity Pro for the first time ever.

Lord Subob says:

wow man this is a pro’s video!

George Stone says:

Nice review. How’s the text handling? Can I create and save styles (eg. text with shadow). How’s customer support? Are there tutorials?

Salvador Peláez says:

204+1 reasons to switch.. watch their 204 tutorials.. :). that extra 1 reason…? One time $50

Herfinnur Árnafjall says:

Actual review comes at 23:08

Gavin Revitt says:

Tight review bud.. thank you! I’ve been looking at throwing Adobe in the bin and between your review and others I think I’m going to take the plunge. I know that subscription model of theirs isn’t going down well with those who might use it either casually, or those users who simply don’t feel it’s a great thing to be paying what is essentially quite a steep annual subscription. You’re also essentially signing up for a perpetual bill – I don’t think Adobe will ever get the idea of simply selling at a reasonable price.. I also know that many are awaiting Affinity Publisher with some anxiety (hehe) and as and when that drops, if it maintains the attention to detail and professional focus that they’ve harnessed for Photo and Designer, I can well imagine it bringing the competition to InDesign.

Tuesday's Child says:

Great video! I’m looking at switching from photoshop and have been looking at either affinity or pixelmator. Not sure which route to go down yet. Does affinity do batch editing/exporting? And wondered how good the text features were as i use photoshop to design logos, etc. and use tools in photoshop such as ‘select pixels’ for text and also the warping tool to fit text into objects and manipulate them. Pixelmator has some great tools for working with text but not seen so much for affinity. Much appreciated and very informative video so thanks!

Line carignan says:

Great something that I will think about.

dbreardon says:

Isn’t Affinity Photo more like Adobe Lightroom than Photoshop? Wouldn’t that be a better comparison.

Line carignan says:

I have only 1 question how much does it cost and does it up grade automatic every year, and for how much. Is there a free version also

Andrew Campbell says:

Wonderful video, Jesse. The production level is top notch and you’re very charismatic and easy to listen to. Last but certainly not least, the level of information you’ve included is fantastic. Thank you!

Jari Hollsten says:

Thanks, very nice video. Cheers from Finland.

Paulo Sa Pereira says:

Awesome! Really like your reviews. Affinity Designer coming soon?

evtonic3 says:

Why is everything kinda nice in your review?

Harjit Singh Sandhu says:

awesome review

ItsLorenzTV says:

Can you do an outer glow for a YouTube thumbnail?

hichacho hichacho says:

Im start use affinity photo and i have an idea with this review, thanks for you time! I suscribe,

Colin Killick says:

Thanks for this. I’ve had a copy of Affinity for several months and not really used it – I keep lapsing back into the familiar territory of Photoshop. But I have been growing steadily more sour on Adobe’s business model, so I have decided to use Affinity exclusively for a couple of months and see how it goes. I would just love to cut the Adobe subscription shackles.

ArexGaming says:

Can I use .PSD files in this program like a photoshop file and could I export a file as a .PSD

Richard Wiley says:

Well done, Jesse. Just switched from a Windows computer to an IMac, and your info is just what I needed to select a photo manipulator.

lhawkins40 says:

Your video was amazing and well presented, not only did you give your honest review, but you showed me how to work the program, and showed features of the program that I had questions about. I own Affinity Designer and Love the software, now I will purchase the other half since I own an old copy of Lightroom and Photoshop Elements LOL. Thank you for making a well made video, with great content!

nelson seralbo says:

Very informative. Thank u

Gary Voysey says:

Excellent review. I think this review has made my mind up to buy it.

Nick Pain says:

Great review – thanks! Glad they have Affinity for Windows now – I can’t wait to give it a try.

Jason Taylor says:

I couldn’t figure out how to get this program to display on multiple monitors as I do with photoshop with the trail version.

PlanetNoob says:

I switched to this from photoshop.

DaBeast34 says:

Nice video

Adhiguna Pradhana says:

Thanks for making this, it is really helpful. I’ll be waiting for the review on Designer. Oh, I subscribe to your channel.

Melody Drayer says:

I have owned Affinity since it became available. I am a professional photographer. AND i have never used it bc i went into it and thought this will be quicker in Photoshop. I own CS6 Photo Suite but only use Photoshop. After seeing that Affinity won the Apple app of the year I thought i would give it a try. I am kicking myself for waiting so long. Thank you so much for you videos….. it is making it so much easier to use. I almost bought the book from Affinity but i tend to learn better by watching. Watched other peoples videos and found you to be the most appealing and informative… down to earth! 8o)   Thanks!!!

crossnote says:

This guy is a natural, thx.

Kyle Chicoine says:

MAN, I love both Affinity Photo and Designer.

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