Android Manual Camera App Overview

A highly requested app from my last video:

Manual Camera:

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Alex Lian says:

wish it has setting for both front and rear camera. and some screen resolution adjustments. a part from that all feature are great.

Sonia Vera says:

Are this application work on SAMSUNG GALAXY S5?

Hoaxed Film Pendek says:

my phone isn’t full support :’v

d7oomx97 says:

How much does it cost?

Praveen Parihar says:

I really liked this app… But I own SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 (India), which unfortunately do not support any of the features. Is there any possibility to have those features after rooting the phone?? Say by using a Cyanogen or some other mod??

Do reply… I can only use a handful of features like Grid, Exposure, Timer, etc… But want to explore it completely.

Дима Говоров says:
Bharath Jay says:

how to downlode manual camera app

Lester004 Playz says:

is there shutter speed?

Phonegraphy Tech says:

great video…
thank you

pokeken says:

Lovely app and was excited to use it on my Sony Xperia z5 compact…but alas it crashes badly when trying to change ISO and generally being very sluggish on the xperia z5. Don’t bother with this app for your SOny Xperia z5 until the developers update and make it truly compatible (their compatibility app doesn’t pick up these specific issues). I will definitely buy it once it is sorted.

Jepri Wijaya says:

what phone brand is that you use.?

jen jen says:

Great review!!!!for a camera app and I purchased!!!! it working nice with my nexus 6.thank you

Tech Ventions says:

isn’t there an app that provides the same settings but for video ?

Doron Paz says:

it needs to have all the features stockcamera have so I could use it as my defult and never need to open the defult app for panorama selfie or video

Adventure Games says:

am my dosent support

Alessandro Fantini says:

Sorry for my bad English but i didn’t understand a little thing. Does the camera take video? Thank you so much

Kubo Steinhauser says:

One of best app and reviews 😉 thx but implement the info to app >> run a compatibility test 😉 because lot of people miss that info

Adam Firda says:

where is an HDR? in app

Arif Rahman Hidayat says:

what is the highest possible ISO setting?

Steckmann Reinhard says:

+Armando Ferreira how big are the RAW-files?

Francesco Bacchini says:

I’m wondering if there’s out there a camera app that let you change the f aperture too!

Croshi Roth says:

Just saying. Im using Huawei Y6II And It’s camera has all these features. I said It’s Camera Because It has the Professional Mode Which allows you to do all these things.
Note: Im just saying. Im not trying to make Huawei looks best. If you know what I mean. 🙂
And Hey! Thanks for taking your time reading this. 🙂

Max pain says:

🙁 it does not support desire eye :'( !!!

Jason St Pierre says:

So, having covered this would be a awesome Video recorder if they choose to code it that way. What have you found that’s the next best for applications like Youtube production? Using Kinemaster PRO now to edit BTW and that suits me. Thanks! Hey just found Cinema FV5

Aadarsh Shakya says:

hey i installed it on my Nexus 6 bt i got one problem..after i click the pic n then preview it..n whenever n go back from preview menu it unfortunately stops..plzz help n sory for my bad english

Pradnya Wani says:

hey its not working on my mi4 how to enable it???

Franchezca Franklin says:

can it do manual focus even taking videos?

Benswan187 says:

Hi Armando great video, very clear and simple demo. Only thing I didn’t get is how long can you leave the shutter open?

Benson Davis says:

Which all smartphone supports this application with its full functionality…

Manual controls including manual focusing….

or is there any way to enable this feature…

I am using sony M4 Aqua

alex pradhan says:

manule focused is not saport in lebovo zuk z1

AxL Albuen says:

what app is that i can’t find in playstore..

il canale dedicato al cazzeggio di Just cause 2 e Just cause 3 says:

I like his application and I have a passion for photography and this quinid sure I buy the app, and only that on my samsung galaxy s5 mini is not compatible
the samsung galaxy s7 edge will copmatibile?

BandOfBros says:

It only shoots photo right?

Shriom Manerker says:

Exposure compensation is not same as F stops, Fstop refers to the aperture of the lens, which im pretty sure is not changeable on camera phones . exposure compensation is nothing but forcing the camera to take lighter than ot darker than shots of the current environment 🙂

positive ideas says:

samsung galaxy j7 problem .
why i cant click on focus button

Randall Woodward says:

I was excited for this app, as my Droid Turbo 2 has the usual simple camera app. I was disappointed to see that the ISO, auto depth and a few other settings were grayed out. I couldn’t select them. So i got a refund.

murok9042 says:

Does this app works on Marshmallow, too?

mark shirley says:

hi – I have a Nexus 5x I have bought ‘Manual Camera’ couple of questions – how do you exit the app – the only way I can do it at the moment is to exit through ‘Snapseed’ as there is no ‘exit arrow’ available – next question I was told I could edit my RAW files in ‘Snapseed’ but it appears to be just the jpg file I can edit on my phone.

LookMan ! says:

entendi nada

åløne bøy says:

not free..

larry reibstein says:

I have the Manual camera app on the Nexus 6P. I cannot figure out how to close this app. I’ve pushed every icon, but nothing closes this app, so I have to turn the phone itself off. Help, as this is annoying

EYEAWKN films says:

Could I use this on the Google pixel?

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