BEST APPS to EDIT PHOTOS on your phone (Android)

Talking about my favourite photo editing apps to edit photos on your android phone.

p.s. thanks to James over at blackberry for sending the KEY2 for me to test drive 🙂






Hey there! I’m Lucy Martin – a content producer and photographer from Toronto, Canada. I post a weekly series called ‘Edit with Me, Monday’ where we making editing in Lightroom super simple. We cover all elements of photo editing in Lightroom. I also post other videos on creative business, photography, and social marketing.

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Wonderful. ✌️

AzafreakTV says:

I discovered Lightroom Mobile during my last roadtrip. What a game changer!

Chris K says:

I’m glad to see your back you have helped me alot with lightroom.

Jesse Pentecost says:

Going to try out Snapseed, thanks Lucy!

Ali Meddah says:

you’re just amazing <3 #following .. peace from the other side of the world 🙂

Peter Yates says:

It’s a tiny bit more specialised but I definitely think that SKRWT deserves a mention. Nothing comes close when it comes to perspective and distortion corrections and tweaks. Great video though!

Rob Gianelli says:

Nice to have you back. Missed you. Great video. I always recommend Snapseed to my friends that are wanting to get into photo editing. It’s a fun but very powerful app. Especially when they added Raw support. Would love to see more content mobile editing. I have been trying to move all my photo and video editing to my iPad.

John Thomas says:

I love snapseed when I’m on my phone!! Also try Darkroom…

Le Saint-Louis Coiffure says:

Already have snapseed but gonna try huji and ligthroom

David Lopez says:

Welcome back Lucy! Great video as always 🙂 Lightroom Mobile is my bread and butter for mobile editing (though I have an iPhone )

Víctor Muñoz Álvarez says:

I dont even have a phone that can run those apps, but is good knowledge <3

Stu Linden Jr says:

+Lucy Martin Are you on Twitter or Instagram?? by the way I loved this video so good. I love using Snapseed for editing photos with added PS App too.

Bhaskar Kakati says:

You make some dope content girl! Please please continue making more of those Lightroom tutorials.

Juni-Tech Kevu says:

Thank you so much Lucy Martin!! Going to try out those Apps. Love your Videos

Lucy Martin says:

I’M BACK with the Monday videos!! Super pumped 🙂

Shawn Burk says:

First time viewer Lucy. Thank you for this info. Also, loving the BlackBerry KEY2!

Rixxus10 says:

Damn girl! Thought you married a billionaire and took off somewhere exotic….jejej great to have you back!!

john wheatley says:

So, tell me how you calibrate your mobile device, so that what you edit look the same across all devices ?

Rico4you says:

Hello Lucy..thanks for this great video! I will definitely take your advice and use it on also my new #KEY2 ! Awesome tips for my Awesome device!
Pd now new sub with your YT Channel keep it ‘Comin!

Lloyd Story and Film says:

LUCY!!! We missed you! Lightroom Mobile for LIFE!

wang jun says:

long time no see!!!

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