Best Camera Apps for iPhone X – Impressive Depth Effects, HDR, Pro Editing, & More

FiLMiC Pro:
These apps are my favorite photography and videography apps that have been updated and optimized for the iPhone X. Take high resolution images, record professional video, shoot in low-light, apply special depth effects, and impressive HDR photos!
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A E S T H E T I C C A N C E R says:

I was going to just watch another video, but then I saw your cat so I had to leave a like.

Cudifying says:

Its pronounced bo-ke

Baran Yildiran says:

why. are. you. ta. lkin. g. li. ke. this?

edit: tried to watch but cant. it is unbearable. please change the way you talk. renders your video useless

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Chandler Howell says:

Anyone else hear Chris Griffin?

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

Why does it sounds like your trying to finishing your words early? Change how you speak it ruins the video

Jonathan Sanchez says:

i’m very happy someone finally made this video Great job

V vortexX O says:

I need one where it allows you to switch from font and rear facing

HaroldJP89 says:

Nice video as always! Now waiting and hoping for someone with educated eyes (like you) to do a photo editing apps showdown, my candidate being snapseed because it’s free and has a curves function.

BlackNomad1 says:

why wasn’t MoviePro mentioned?

Walls A says:


psidhu1979 says:

is there an equivalent of Pixellab in iphone?

Yan Sim says:

Which of these apps have manual shutter speed selection for long exposure shots and what’s the maximum time period?

AwkwardTwilight Limes says:

Only if all of them were free

Drew Carr says:

Focos is the greatest app ever

ICICspyTV 2 says:

*H* *A* *I* *L*

Get Revved says:

Wow loving Hydra! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. Awesome app. 4K HDR video would be nice though.

silver planet says:

İts a Kind of shit (joke)

elbert harris says:

@idb what would be your go to app if you could only buy one?

Ralph Theodory says:

Hey! My friend Majd made Darkroom, so happy that you like it!

David Hepworth says:

I love light room for editing from Adobe

gudedomo says:

I’ve been using Hydra for a long time, it’s great. But wondering why they never updated the video camera to 4K?? It’s been 1080p forever. They need to add 4K HDR video asap.


Good info

Sciences Worlds says:

Really so bad all camera features and display screen iphoneX in all features and design because of the Notch .We really need finger print come back soon and Micro OLED display screen for new iphone 2018

Titomixx says:

Nice video! Focos is an amazing app, but i don’t know Halide, Hydra and Darkrooom.

I use for HDR Lightroom on the iPhone, the app merges 3 DNG’s and give to you a RAW image to play with them in Lightroom mobile.

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