Best Free Photo Editing Software 2017

A review of the best free photo editors for 2017. Best free photo editing tools for hobbyists and professionals. Free alternatives to Photoshop!



Best Free Graphics Design Software 2016-2017:

PhotoScape Basic Editing Tutorial 2017:


1. PhotoScape

2. Pixlr

3. Fotor

4. RawTherapee


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Souhir Chouikha says:

Very useful, thank you.

P Red says:

I have WINDOWS10, (buyers remorse) Hate it. My default browser is Google Chrome. I had some recent hiccups and had to do a complete new reinstall and of course my Microsoft Editing disappeared- (Microsoft Help played dumb and said they dont have it) It kept getting hung up, frozen etc. I was suspicious that an upgrade sabotaged me (again) and it appears others have also had this problem – its no longer available. (they now include this pathetic program (my phone has more edit features!)
Great breakdown in your video -Still looking at pros & cons. You gave Rawtherapee a 7? However I was already familiar with most or all of the features. I researched the Lightroom program and thought that was a great fit but it appears you have to also sign up for a monthly fee on the Creative Cloud. Insane! Again insane!
1) Can you download more than one photo editing program and/or would their be a consequence of them overlapping etc and and /or conflict with more than one program downloaded?
2) Is there a good photo editing program that you just buy without putting you in bondage with a monthly fee? I have tons of memory and use my external hard drives to keep my computer relatively clean.
3)Lastly- do any of the free programs offer AL, EPS or any Vector formats. Are free ones just jpg, giff etc.?
Sorry for all the questions but you seem to have a handle on these programs. Thx

Shemnon Kaakimaka-Paris says:

You sound like other tutorial youtubers….

Eric-Scott Bloom says:

You are extremely well-versed in your subject, but we’re all not as studied as you (that’s why I’m here), and so I find you move too fast for me to be able to fully comprehend the info and specs. I guess I could use YT to slow the film down….all in all, a well-done presentation~E

Brooklyn NY says:

Thanks for the tip. Since I take photos on raw, I can edit them on RawTherapee without spending a lot on Adobe Light Room.

Ivan Kuckir says:

Hey, you forgot to mention Photopea 🙂


Finland is the fucking shit peapole

New York Hoje by Silvia Matera Gerber says:


OnlyKotoro says:

Awesome vid man! 🙂

gamz4 dayz says:


Antti Haring says:

Thank you!

Coffee GROUNDS says:

I need make DANKER memes

Emmanuel Hill says:

what is that yellow box is for


I have been using Photoscape for years, I have only one problem. When
I select the “brush” option to paint a part of the image in png format, That means a picture png on background picture.
the color disappears after subtracting the finger from the mouse. So this part of the picture is not painted.

MilkAndFrenchFries says:

Why “” tho…So many behind the scene malware and such

Lactic Acid says:

would you be able to do a review for kapersky? i’m thinking of changing my anti virus (avast) but don’t like the privacy policies of the ones you reccommended in your best free antivirus software video. +Mostly Tech

ii_CMPLX_Ren_ii says:

Yo lit video fam! Left a cheeky like ;D It would be lit if u left some support on my latest vid too! <3
PS: Keep up the great work, youll get somewhere!

Must Watch Vlogs says:

Be a bro hahaha

Atif khan says:

thank you so much for the video.

Brittnie Belcher says:

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot! =D

Enrique says:

Hi, I’m new to digital photography, I’m looking for a FREE photo editing program that will let me merge (or blend) three or more images into one, for example, one shot underexposed by 2 stops, one overexposed by 2 stops and one normal. Any suggestions? Thank you.

dbrayx9 says:


Baiyang Sun says:

awesome video you did man

Martin Rosen says:

Thank you.

OGP- -OwlGoosePuppy says:

hey do anyof them have croma key effect

Pyrotechnics 8 says:

Do any of these have a tool to remove the background/make it transparent?

Leo Windyboy says:

whos here for pewdiepies editing challenge

lisassogek says:


Prodigy Girl Gaming says:

I like BeFunky it’s pretty amateur but it does the job but I need something better

OSOCO says:

Just to inform that your annotation links don’t open in new window, so this video is left behind.

Zohracer says:

what do you use to edit 😀

Louis Griffiths says:

good vid

John Morris says:

The online version is only available for Linux users

DO0D Beatbox says:

first like 🙂

JC Pitboss says:

whats best one to cutout an image?

Linda Cerreta says:

thank you for posting that helpful information video. Do you have any knowledge or opinion about morphing software? I would like to create a video showing the progression of a girl/boy from infant to adulthood

reddit clasherZ says:

does.pixlr and photo scape work for 32 bit windows10

Mostly Tech says:

Here’s the PhotoScape basic editing tutorial for those of you interested:

Fergal Lawlor says:

Thank you my friend:)

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