Best iPhone Camera Apps – How to Film with iPhone!

Here’s the BEST iPhone Camera Apps for Video! ***** FREE 12 Step Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on iPhone:


iPhone Apps:
– Movie Pro:
– ProShot:
– Kinomatic:
– Filmic Pro:

// Android user? Check out the Best Android Camera Apps for Video here:

– MoviePro Tutorial:
– Kinomatic Tutorial:
– FiLMiC Pro Tutorial:
– ProShot Tutorial:

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— Best iPhone Camera Apps – How to Film with iPhone! —

The stock camera apps on most phones are designed to be simple, and automate many of the functions & settings you would be able to control on most other cameras. To get full control over your Smartphone camera, unlock some cool iPhone camera tricks, and get the best results possible, there are some great Camera apps available!

And by ‘some’, I mean a LOT. In fact, there’s so many the decision can be pretty overwhelming… I’ve tested a TON of the options available over time, and in this video we run through my picks when it comes to the best camera apps on iOS for video!

We look at a range of alternatives with varying prices, and finish with my number 1 pick for the Best Camera iPhone Camera App for Video!

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Katrina Lopez says:

Hi Justin! Definitely an extremely helpful video. Not a lot of comparisons on these film apps for the iPhone.

I’m wondering – have you tried ProCamera. or ProCam 5 during your research into these camera apps? Within your list I’m leaning toward ProShot, but I’m curious how those other two compare since they rank so high in the App Store. Thanks!!


I just created a youtube channel and your video was very helpful for me

Sadie Sutpv says:

Movie pro
Shot pro
Filmic pro

syhnsf says:

Thank you Justin I always trust your opinion

Susan Golembiski says:

So helpful, clear and precise instructions for a beginner like me.

Rick Montieth says:

thanks Justin. did you look at ProCam or Filmmaker Pro?

Nakshatra Roy says:

Movie Pro is Full and Free?!

Joemil Iglesias says:

i have a really old ipad, and i cant download most of the apps…i need help… someone?

Moinuddin Rehmani says:

Thnx bro

Mundo Despierto says:

Yeah filmic is too complicated….I handle my dslrs with much more ease lol….getting pro shot, thanks buddy!

Toad 1000 says:

Cool! I have an iPad for my filming! I might try some of these! Do they all cost money?

Maritess 1986 says:

I’m want to make travel videos using my iphone, and this video is so helpful. Thank you ☺️

Wright Ideas with Susan says:

Excellent info here. Thanks so much!

Cameron Graham says:

Nice video. Do you have any free suggestions???

Lyk Nova says:

Bro wtf there money wtf

Casey Chew says:

is proshot suppose to have no audio for video recording? I have the app and there’s no audio in my videos, and I wasn’t sure if it’s suppose to be like that

Bro Dom says:

I need filmic pro free

K. David Katzmire says:

You videos are clear, intelligent and professional! I happy to have found you.

Ahrbani T2 says:

Why all pro??

Perry Pelican says:

What about Mavis?

Tuma Time says:

thank you

The 7th Decade says:

Good comparisons. I like the way you hit on the pros and cons. You also did a more recent review on FilMicPro. I’m thinking of buying it to resolve a problem with color I’m having with my iPhone 6 but I’m not sure if it will help. Hoping you or someone in the know can answer my question/comment left there. Thanks a bunch and keep these awesome vids coming!

Craftnlass says:

Thanks for your great tips. I’m going to check out Pro Shot

Louis A. McCaII II says:

Pro Shot… Just get that.

Fêmea Humana says:

MoviePro is amazing! thanx for the tip! 😀

TheMartiano says:

Hey, thank you so much for the info, a truly beginner here and keep up the good work mate!

Frank F says:

What about Mavis? it’s better than Filmic Pro.

SH says:

You are so clear and helpful!

Kawaii unicorn gaming says:

Want a subscriber???? U sub to me an reply done an then boom u got a sub I do too 🙂

Bxndit says:

When you record with these apps can you switch from your back camera to your front camera without stopping the recording

Graham McArthur says:

ProShot doesn’t exist on the Australian App Store.

Paindoctor says:

LOved this video. I just bought Filmic pro and have had the same experience with wonky ability to same your presets. I also have had some weirdness whine trying to set the exposure point and even the focus. It is also a bitch to get the videos into your computer sometimes. Other than that it is the most advanced. (Haha). Thanks and keep making these , they are great! You made another that actually really captured my “issues” so top speak about procrastinating in making videos until everything was perfect. That’s me 100%, unfortunately. But it confirmed the issue and now I’m just gonna “do it” as Nike says. Thanks very much.

ZITCH says:

Awesome video thnx keep u the good work

Bryan Hackett says:

Hi Justin, Did you consider Mavis in this comparison?

Sparkdevil 295 says:

Will really help me for my facecam!!!

Chitambala Chiti Mwewa says:

Very insightful

passsacaglia says:

Thanks a lot! Feel really stressed on which app to buy for my trip..ok so ProShoot over MoviePro? I want easy usability and UI, just wanna plug and play, add the settings and let it just shoot. 🙂
So, ProShoot for that rather than MoviePro? I thought the video frames (basic, pro etc) were kind of mezzy and too many preference options to me .. And yeah, I’d like to do 16:9 mostly I think or would you suggest 21:9 ? 🙂 Cheers!!

louis fomby says:

Hey Justin subscribe to my channel. it’s gonna be funny.

Mihir Verma says:

dude you are just awesome… u are gonna help many who cannot afford to buy proffeional cameras…

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