Big Lens iPhone Photography App – Tutorial

In this video, Jason from breaks down the Big Lens app for iPhone. Scroll down for app features and video time points related to each feature.

Big lens is a simple yet awesome app. It can be hard to get true depth of field with a camera phone. Big Lens helps you simulate depth of field after the pictures taken. You can have your main subject in perfect focus while blurring out a distracting background.

Read more about Big Lens and Jason’s other favorite apps –

Video reference times:
00:48 – Settings Menu
01:18 – Using the Basic Mode
01:42 – Circle Tool
02:40 – Linear Tool
03:10 – Compare Button
03:18 – Aperture Tool
04:44 – Filter Tool
05:15 – Lens Tool
05:38 – Using the Advanced Mode
06:04 – Brush Tool
07:16 – Auto Button
07:40 – Eraser Tool
08:05 – Undo Button
08:24 – Lasso Tool
10:24 – Focus & Blur Tool
11:43 – HDR Toggle

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Ruth Gauss says:

Thank you so much for sharing all about the different tools! I really feel like I understand this app now!

Pattie Cordova says:

thank you!!! a devout iPhone user always looking for a great new app. thanks so much!

Ninja Mommers says:

How cool is this!? LOVE this app! I am going to see if they have one that I can use on my andriod.

Steve Potgieter says:

I had this app on my ipad. Made editing a little easier.

Tech Coach Albert says:

Now this a nifty little camera app! Looks like they have one for Android too. Might have to check that out!

Paula ProductJunkieCA says:

This is a great app to have! love the versatility  and all the functions you can play with to create amazing iphone photos!

P.S. I Love You Crafts says:

WOW!  This is app is totally cool!  Thanks for the information.

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

What is this new button in the Aperture setting all the way to the right that looks like two little boxes? I’ve tried clicking it and can’t figure out what it does

Joanne Greco says:

Thanks for the app suggestion and great tutorial. I’m going to check this out for my iPhone.

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