Camera Lucida 8.0 Tutorial

This introductory tutorial is for the older version 8.0 app. Camera Lucida is now up to 9.0 and has a host of new features, but all the capabilities shown here are still applicable to the new version.
The latest version is available for download on the iOS App Store at
Camera Lucida routinely ranks in the top 200 of all educational apps, is currently rated at 4.9 and is used daily by thousands of artists!


Germán Vicencio L. says:

The Android version lacks the Vertical Slider feature? (11:00)

Doug Rice says:

how big of a drawing can you make with this

Voltron 13 says:

Your cheating. And you will always be a shitty drawer with that tool.

Basia Lautman says:

Interesting tutorial. I wish it wa shown more clearly how to set it up.
Where are the other videos where you explain it?

Hoa Hoa says:

How can I buy Camera Lucida? I need it!

Germán Vicencio L. says:

is there a way to turn off camera and just see through? so when painting (not tracing) you avoid the lag

Rimantas Bagdonaas says:


Zarah McIntosh says:

Wow. I’ll need to check out this app.

Glenn Langford says:

This looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out

Apollo says:

bien de lacra

sharon12030 says:

if you bump the ipad and knock the drawing, is there a way to re aline everything back up ?…

Aaron Chandler says:

I’ve been trying to “arrange my drawings elements in correct portion “ for awhile now. Never capturing gesture correctly. Then I find this… how could it be any easier? Seems too easy. Thank you for your help. This is awesome!

FreeSpokenOne says:

This needs to be backward compatible for Android, my Note Pro is never going to get another update and it’s ‘just’ beneath the specs of this software. I need something like this and hope the developer will consider this. I agree with Derek H that finding a stand or the right setup to work with this is difficult at best. The camera location is key and to draw comfrotably needs an offset so you don’t need to draw directly beneath the device.

Luis Perez says:

This make lot profectional painting shortcuts you see thi complicate draw is. Used this software he used. Now litle.buch….

Robert Santorelli says:

hi I have A Osmo Ipad stand how do I work with Lucida and Osmo

Eduardo Moreira says:

Fantastic !!! Can it projected on a wall ?

Jo Regis says:

Just wondering when the image on the ipad is increased i.e. zoom in on an area to get the detail, does the size of the you are drawing also increase and as a result of the increase move on the drawing page?

Derek H says:

Nice software! I’d personally prefer to see something using a desktop program, which would allow me to place the camera wherever I needed it and put a monitor wherever I want.

Keith Fagan says:

Oops! just saw your reply to Hoa Hoa

Eric Klassen says:

Hey pete,
Thanks for a great demo. I downloaded a newer version (I believe it’s 9.0) from itunes. I haven’t used it yet but I think it probably follows your version.
QUESTION: Since I spend a fair amount of my work week away from internet or wifi service, I was wondering if I can still use this software as stand-alone in my ipad. I know it doesn’t sound like I’m in the 21st century yet but, believe me, there are lots of areas in my travels that have not been reached by technology How will that affect me if I try to use Camera Lucida in the outback?

One Hot Krymsun says:

is there a version available or coming that will work with the Surface 3.0?

A Murphy says:

I have a Samsung tablet S2. do you have the ap for that? love the idea!

Keith Fagan says:

Hi, does the App work on an android tablet with a camera?

patricia sekhuis says:

where can i buy it ? I looked at it in the google play store but only camera lucida ar was for sale. Do I miss something

Germán Vicencio L. says:

have you thought on how to solve the problem of wanting to copy something larger? like: how to re-match the digital image with the drawing when destroying the setup? there should be some way to re-match both things

Roy Simmons says:

Brilliant!! Makes my old Simmtrace prog look like a dinosaur! Love the vermeer idea I experimented with a mirror like in Tim;s Vermeer movie, you have brought that into 21st century. Now I want an Ipad!

patricia sekhuis says:

doet it work on an my samsung tablet

Tiago Mota says:

Clara Oswald

luigi mola says:

Mi piace ” camera lucida “

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