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Maukustus says:

where is pdn??????????

RonnieZ RonGame Squad says:

Why does everyone say photoshop is good? I know its so advanced and stuff but what if it wasnt the best and still people used it if their was a better version? Like krita and is good as it like photoshop isnt the best software because it cost money MONEY! And krita doesnt and its like it and also gimp and I wanna kill myself because of photoshop its so bad and terrible but this is no hate I’m just trying to prove a point that photoshop isnt all that stuff. Plus kids wish to use it but it cost damn money so photoshop.. Kill your community… Please.. Thank you

Racklebird says:

I just want the fire alpaca one because of the name

Sketcher says:

Can you please do a video were you try procreate

jelly blob says:


Use it!

Purple Kerble says:

What is a free art program that is good with realistic art? If someone can tell me that would be great. Thank you

Endypearl endy says:

Are any of them compatable with drawing tablets?

Ash Kitt says:

What about Mischeif?

Nicole kitten says:

I use autodesk sketchbook for free. But i use a normal tablet not a drwaing one.

Nico06 · Nicodoff says:

I think Paint is better

Wayne Johnny says:

Affinity photooooooo !!!

Edden Ishaaya says:


peter virtanen says:

Thank God that I’m not the only one that thinks that Gimp is really unusable compared to Photoshop

John Robinson says:

Krita won.

AStarscreamH says:

Hello! I love you and your channel! I don’t know which version of FireAlpaca you have but everything you said you were missing I have in my version. I have used it for four years and I love it. I have made tons of finished pieces! Some I have used for my portfolio to get into an amazing art school (I love it here)! Thank you for bringing happiness to our lives! Have a great day!

Knedla says:

Do a review of Photoshop

Juan Jesus says:

where is

Glen Atchison says:

I deleted Gimp after watching this.

XtremeTrinity says:

Wanted to make a comment if it would be possible to compare to affinity photo.

G30X48 says:

U should have used lightworks

Diamond Lps says:

I moved to firealpaca from medibang pro, firealpaca is easier for beginners and medibang would be a little confusing if you can’t find your way about but both are great!

druttarunt says:

any brushes you can recommend for a beginner that want to draw protraits?

Elanna Meadows says:

Are you able to review Procreate?

Carly Gato says:

I love Krita! :3

Ian the #1fan says:

Do flipbooks

Chrystle Thom says:

what are great programs for iPhone users

killmario 20 says:

Medibang sounds like a medic having sex in a war zone 🙂

Foxy05426 says:

What?! I use FireAlpaca and I find it a GREAT program!

Nurbek Tsengel says:


Jenny Kuang says:

You actually CAN make a “painty feel” of art in Medibang Paint! I have used that program for three years, now, and it’s still how you use the tools (like any other digital painting programs).
The layout is indeed a bit disorganized (like the brush presets; they duplicate whenever you update it for some reason), and making a full, detailed illustration on a canvas from 8 x 11” or bigger causes it to lag.
But inking is definitely effective and quite fun! It’s also compatible with photoshop, if anyone can afford it (I have a CS5 and I ain’t paying for another adobe software anytime soon—that bish costs more than my old computer dafuq)
I got Medibang because pen sensitivity doesn’t work for photoshop; I don’t have a Wacom stylus, sooo…

I da awesome asian Boi says:


Kandy lover21 Re says:

Hey it’s me the one that said cringe well your video is so boring and if you say you didn’t ask well he didn’t ask ether so yeah I unsubscribed your cringy

Benita Δημιουργικότητα says:

Gimp and FireAlpaca are good and easy to use

XD says:

I miss my gimp-painter 2.6.7 … sigh…

Rupert Driggs says:

wow medibang updated a lot in a year. and I love medibang :vvv I’ve made so many brushes in it. I used to have a circle issue with it but it was just my whole computer?

Anyway, an updated and more in-depth review would be cool.

purple lavenders says:

Hey you can make your own brushes in fire alpaca, you an customize the interface like my set up is where each thing, like colour and brushes, are all on separate tabs which you can do by dragging the little windows they are in. You can also go to the tools tab at the top and add more then is default on there. You are allowed to have your own opinion on this, but I was reluctant to try fire alpaca when I was looking for good drawing programs because of this video and it is now my favourite out of all of them. Just putting my 2 cents in, I just recommend that you try some of these programs yourself. Also since you are a professional do you think that influenced you’re reviews? Lavender Towne reviewed a couple of them and seemed to have better reviews. (Not that she isn’t professional I think she great)

Gregor Rohde says:

I miss a little how PS would handle the circle thing.

Ally Guim says:

gimp is better if u use it for photoshop and u can actually make good stuff on it but yeh it’s not rlly meant for art

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