Control Your Phone’s Camera Like A DSLR | How To Shoot In Manual On Your Phone

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With the new Moment App, you can now control your phone’s camera manually, giving you the most control over your image. We walked around Seattle with Natalie (@natalieallenco) and she gave 5 helpful tips for getting the most out of your phone’s camera.

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E. Christopher Clark says:

Nice work on making this a little less intimidating. I’ve watched a bunch of these sorts of vids, but I took notes this time to hopefully help me out. I find that I get too fiddly with all of these settings and often miss my shots (of my kids, etc.) so it’s good to know what they’re each meant to do.

One note on the app: the placement of the 1X/2X button as an overlay on the image is not working for me. I far prefer Halide’s interface, where it’s down on the same strip of black as the shutter button. Just my two cents. Otherwise, the app is really great.

P.S. I used my Moment Tele and Wide on my recent vacation down the east coast and should have the footage up soon. It worked out really well.

Giulio Sciorio says:

One of my favorite videos by you guys. Natalie is natural and believable on camera plus the tips were well communicated. Would like to see haptic feedback on the shutter button when using 3D Touch.

jose pazmino says:

where u got that filter

Aditya Ravi says:

Natalie did a great job! I just got the app for my android phone.

OnlineCitizenTV says:

That was just a “meh” tutorial/ad/…

Tava Kessler says:

Any thoughts of adding a flat picture profile??? It would be much appreciated.

Ronojoy Sen says:

Hopefully, you guys update that android app. I have a Pixel 2 and the camera is sick already. It would be nice to be able to use the full fledged Moment app with it.

Harry M says:

What’s the difference between Halide and this app?

Will Hopewell says:

Please sort out the android app! Best camera in the pixel 2 but the app is so so bad at the minute!

David Maldonado says:

Moment makes ND filters now?

Jason Fan says:

What’s the difference between this one and Halide?

Tejas Vinod says:

Is there video settings too ?

Cosnita Alexandru says:

sorry guys but the the app in every smartphone called” pro mode” or “manual mode” doesnt do the same thing like moment pro app ?

Shubham Chopra says:

aren’t we getting the app on Android Marshmallow?

Jason Wilde says:

Pretty piss poor when you’re coming from LG’s manual camera tbh

Kevin Matsunaga says:

I thought this was going to be more about how to use the Moment app to shoot like a DSLR. This is more of a tutorial about camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, etc. Is there a video out on how to use the app?

sijil o says:


thego rusdianto says:

Can i download the app in appstore? Or it’s just only for ios?

Phil says:

Am I wrong or does the overall image look better on the JPEG as opposed to the RAW (3:04). Look at the definition of the bricks, in both the shadow and highlight ares. The contrast in the background is more pronounced as well. I know RAW is for editing, but it doesn’t seem like the examples in this video are making the compelling case you might think.

Morey Endes says:

Loving the new app, very helpful tutorial. Its just fantastic the great pics and vids we can get with our phones now and this app makes it even better. Thanks ya’ll and keep up the awesome work!

Loïc Magnien says:

For a fixed aperture (the case for mobile photography), when the exposure time increases (more blur) the ISO decreases. So no why would you buy a ND filter ?

J G says:

what iphone case is that???

rickpena36 says:

That sucks, it’s not comparable with Kodak Ektra phone.

Flimme TV says:

App V.3 only for IOS right? for Android i found only App V.1

Harshit Agarwal #SIMPLICITY says:

It shows your device isn’t compatible in the playstore, what are the requirements, coz i have great specs phone.

Razvan Caliman says:

Great energy and an informative video. Thank you all for your work!

Bob Calderon says:

4:13 I don’t know if she knew what she was saying about choosing between the wide or tele lens on the iPhone’s native camera app.

FLeZ says:

Downloaded the pro, is there Plans For some sort of videography update within the app. Or is this one based on photography?. I’ve purchased moment Lenses for Video Use and capturing moving picture and have yet to really find a Android app I’m happy with.

Fro knows Everything says:

Two thumbs up

Kendra Vixie says:

Great app but I’ve noticed some major differences in Android Vs iOs. In Android you can’t choose where the photos are saved and they virtually “disappear” once you’ve taken photos. Would love to see photos being saved to the SD card, and being able to find them in “My Files” or the Gallery.

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