Instead of retouching and editing in Photoshop, I edit my professional photos using a $3.99 editing app on my iphone – Facetune.

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theworldaccordingtovivian says:

omg you should edit pictures your subscribers send you on photoshop!

mlm1180 says:

I know you mostly take portraits of people but what if for one of your challenges you use an animal model?

Maury Z says:

You can use the lighting feature to apply dodge and burn btw!

Justin Arrington says:

Snapseed is alot better and free

Flaca2585 says:

Please do another one of these video it was so funny and relatable

Human Rights Watch says:

Out of the way i wanna vomit

Rachel Eldridge says:

Try Airbrush!!! I’m a photographer and that’s what I use while I’m saving for a laptop

Abbey Mae says:

You can actually decrease the opacity of filters — see how it says “50” when you select it? Drag your finger up for more and down for less.

Connor Mars Art says:

What are your thoughts on the photo editing app VSCO? I also love your videos btw :)))

Wendy Chavez says:

Watch James Charles’ video on how he uses Facetune!!!

ofrierson says:

You can lower the opacity of the filters and lighting! Just press and hold it down and slide it to the left to lower the opacity and slide to the right to increase the effect! 🙂 I love your videos Jessica! You are hilarious!

Naturally Lit says:

This is how I do most of my photos. Its super convenient when you don’t have a computer. Snapseed is amazing too

KeyToSaraBe says:

You should do a video shooting with the Instax mini 90!

Stephanie Tamayo says:

You should do one of these videos using VSCO!!!

Alyssa Clay says:

Love this video idea! Thank you so much!!!

Adrian TenEyck says:

Hope you don’t mind if I ask but how do you make money as a photographer? What’s the business side like?

Marie Quaranta says:

So funny . ! 🙂 😉

Ian Johnston says:

Hey, just to let you know: Both of your websites are down. I’m trying to check out that contract template.

Gnalysis says:

can u use vsco or snapseed on the next one?

Kayla Oliveira says:

The first picture of the FaceTune one looks like a drawing

MayaAE says:

you could lower or higher the opacity of the filter or lighting by dragging your finger up or down across the screen

ellis j says:

For my first camera should I go big and really go for a nice high end camera ? I know they kind of style I like and types of lens I would need etc. Or should I start off with a lower end one ? I’m interested in the Nikon D750 but I’m on the fence about if I should take baby steps…
Would me purchasing a higher end camera be bad for my experience/learning etc or would it be beneficial and put me a few steps ahead?
(serious responses would be appreciated)

Abeer Fatima - Stephen Lewis SS (2682) says:

Do a retouch of your photos on Polarr it is a 5 star editing app

MsAlestaa says:

I’m I the only one that thinks that jessicas photography and editing (be it photoshop or facetune) are basic af? I feel like anyone with a camera could do the same, where is your creativity? Such boring stuff! Woelfel does interesting stuff his own way, why not search within yourself creativity to do something interesting your own way?? If i see a picture by Brandon I can tell it was his or inspired by him. If I see your pictures I just go yawn an amateur

sidali merzouk says:

very cool video

Dani Chudler says:

I would love a part 2 lol

MsAlestaa says:

You actually can change the opacity of filters lol

Christina M. Cooper Photography says:

OMG.. You had me rolling on this one!!! “There’s no blood flow going to this body.” Stop!! LOL!!!! Good job!! Also, I prefer your photoshop edits.. but I was very impressed with what Facetune could do. – C

Leon Silva says:

You can do a good job editing on Facetune if you practice and study how to use all its tools. I often use it for non professional purposes and I always enjoy the final results. If you retouch with Facetune and filter with VSCO you can get a pretty professional look for your pictures. Fast and Instagram worthy! 🙂

A. M. says:

Jessica you should try doing a video where different photographers edit the same photo!! lovely video btw

Angel Lane says:

I kept seeing the 50 when you were choosing the filter knowing you could change the opacity and wanted to yell to you how to do it ahhh hahaha

Keyloggs says:

you lost an abo here. this is absolutely crap.

gina kaitiplel says:

Died laughing watching your videos. I love you!.

Michelle Cox Photography says:

hahaha “that looks fairly similar to what I would NEVER do to a photo” hahaha… #photographerstakeonfilters

Ildien Lamorena says:

Everytime jessica say “OOOHHH” tho haha

swaagy _k says:

What if you made a vid where the model and photographer switched roles??

Zombie Lux says:

My favorite apps are
If you did this again you should try those!

KrealTV says:

not a hater but I cringed lol u can change the opacity of the filter! u can also use wipe feature to add different filters!

Marco Sergi says:

Photoshop still the best 🙂

LAO says:

The edit from the app actually looks better than the photoshop edit imo

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