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Jack Flash says:

sry, but that mountain looked like shit.

Teki_Tank says:

Where are you from?

Top10 Trailer movie indo says:

I like you vidio

Thelegend27 says:

Good! But I would like if you show the before and after on all of them and not just some of them, especially on the ones with not much edit it’s nice to see the differences side by side

Spin The World says:

man you frikkin got me for real at the end xDD like creepy got me!

ps. gotta agree with other ppl about the mountain in the desert ^^ All the others pretty cool, and contrary to others I like the work on the squirrol <3

Spiro Basdakis says:

Is anyone going to point out that the light source on the girl and the light source on the mountain are from different perspectives???

IDK IDK says:

I didn’t laugh at the end so you don’t know these things

Drake Toone says:

I liked the idea of the mountain in the background, I just feel it didn’t fit properly, personally I would have gone with a pyramid. As they say, to each their own. I loved the video, keep up the good work!

darragh kavanagh says:

you look like Jon Snow’s older brother.

Jude Fidel says:

first one was best

Heraldic Production says:

Did he ever edit 35mm films?

Leire says:

You look like Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

Jacob Kovalenko says:

What photo editing software is this?

Jernej Leskovec says:


Eian00 says:

he is laying nobody sent him the photos,

Skeletonbody says:

I don’t even care about the mountain and the girl, I just feel so cheated with the squirrel one.

Left Handed says:

Sorry but 14:16 looks ridiculous nothing fits

Akash Peeroo says:

Found your channel by accident and I’m hooked! Great content! But the mountain composite doesn’t match the light direction.

Carys Bulmer says:

This is so fascinating to observe someone else’s process! I love what you’ve done with the colours and adding definition etc. But I have to disagree with the tilt at 09:23, I noticed you adjusted the image to be straighter to the edge of the earth, but the curve of the hill was not 180 degrees – but the shed was. The shed wouldn’t have been built at an angle, so perhaps adjusting the tilt by lining it up with the top edge of the door would have been more accurate… but hey ho! Still good to watch and you’re super talented, which I’m sure you know!

XtaticEnergy says:

Should have done the pyramids in the mountain one instead of the mountain. The sand and color doesn’t match the same aesthetic then pyramids would

Kylie says:

your hands are so long

Pedersen says:

That intro is so sick

aknaak says:

First photo with the guy on the snowy lake looked great. Don’t think the mountain was necessary in the desert pic tho, didn’t feel natural to me

Greney says:


Dilip P says:

Reason I do not believe internet.

Brittany Nicole says:

damn dude i love your style. just stumbled upon the channel

OTP Matthew says:


MJ-Craft says:

22:56 _русские поймут!_

kaz uga says:

great video sir! thanks for the eyes of creativity

TheNerdyMonkey says:

This was fun to watch! I also learned some things! 🙂
I like your creativity and style!

Rishav Thakker says:

Spoiler alert: GoT last season: War canceled, everyone’s happy, John Snow starts making youtube videos.

Shawn Cezanne says:

definite NO WAY to the mtn.

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