Friday 5: Affinity Photo – a desktop-class photo editing app for iPad

Affinity Photo (App Store: is a desktop class photo editing app for iPad that may quench your thirst for Photoshop. Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

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slamming says:

How well does the app handle raw photos? What formats (and file size) can the app export to?

sabir ayaz says:

Just bought a Macbook pro with touchbar and then watched another benchmark video of it against the new iPad Pro, now I am slightly depressed 🙁

linda1541 says:

I got it a few days ago and I don’t understand the mask part of it

Pigmister24 says:

$30.99 AUD, ummmm maybe later

Peyton Lambert says:

Outstanding introductory video, thank you!

I’m deleting my channel! says:


John S says:

This app is unbelievably awesome on an iPad. It shows what can be done these days. Makes me wonder what the hell Adobe is doing.

Symen Jager says:

I don’t know what you find robust, but this app isn’t that. It crashes a lot. A whoooooooole lot. It still has a looooooooooooooong list of bugs. But the developer is working hard to get them fixed. Check their forum. Nevertheless it’s a great app. Now I finally can use my iPad Pro 12.9 for serious on the go photo editing. It is waaaaaaay better then all the shitty Adobe apps put together. I managed to stitch 7 150 megabyte TIFF photos together in one big 750 megabyte panorama with Affinity Photo. It handles large files impressively well. It has great potential, but isn’t there yet. But it is the best we have on the iPad, by far! Very impressive!

Richard Lang says:

what about keyboard shortcuts?

David Jones says:

Great video thanks. Are you aware of a video editing app that is just as robust?

Moe Changavar says:

just got this app
bye bye PS
Helooow Affi

Cactus Tweeter says:

Great video. Thanks for showing how powerful the iPad can be and how powerful Affinity is on the iPad.

Marilyn Linsley says:

Purchased the app so I could do digital scrapbooking on my iPad and I’m having a terrible time figuring how to clip layers to masks? Any help would be appreciated.

Neil Macleay says:

Agreed, Affinity Photo is awesome. However, it seems the Colour Picker – in conjunction with the Paint tool – doesn’t sample colours, anyone else had this issue?

MrEpaxx says:

It‘s an awesome app. I highly recommend it to every iPad user. It‘s worth it 100%.

Tommy Pileggi says:

I’m going go get affinity photo tonight

LittleDuckAlex says:

This looks awesome. Definitely going to get it.

Abraham Sarary says:

Bought this app yesterday but finding it soooo annoying to use. I’m coming from Lightroom. It’s just too much learning curve. Photoshop express with photoshop fix is so much easier and straightforward

Igor88bg says:

its too expensive…

slaWterCH says:

I like it a lot. My goal would be to use the mobile version as a helper App (with the Pencil) of the desktop App and use the desktop version as an external editor in Lightroom. But the Affinity Photo cloud sync could be better. Sadly I can’t test that anymore as the iOS 11 Beta 2 Save to Files crashes all the time.

Purple' says:

I love Affinity Photo on my Desktop (purchased both Windows and Mac versions), iPad version is just as good.

Patrick Meyer says:

Great App and easy to use!

cameraman655 says:

While this is more of a Photoshop type of program, I am wondering if the desktop version of Affinity Photo will sync with the iOS app, similar to LR Mobile (CC)?

Stephen Evans says:

This looks awesome. I wish there was a really good advanced video editing app for iPad too

Captain Taha says:

Why it’s expensive

nitrowad says:

My name Jeff

Krystian Grudzień says:

ArtStudio for iPad – Draw Sketch and Paint by Lucky Clan

kianronnie says:

This is an amazing app, it does still have a few bugs and it does crash a fair bit on me, im using an ipad pro 2nd gen 12.9. But they are still working on it and its looking very promising, and the cost is very cheap compared to anything that would come close. Big thumbs up from me.

James Ritson - Photography/Editing Tutorials says:

Thanks so much for mentioning the tutorials! They don’t often get a look in 😉

When the next update is released the app should start checking for a new tutorial list online, so when new videos are added on YouTube/Vimeo the in-app versions will also go live at the same time (rather than having to wait for a new update on the App Store). There’s currently 22 and I’m hoping to add more in the next few weeks. Hope people are finding them useful, any comments or suggestions are always welcome.

MrBlaq says:

I’ve been using Affinity Photo and Designer for Mac for at least a year. I love them both. My only gripe is the eye dropper behavior.


Affinity Photo and iPad Pro is a beast.
The first professional image editing software on an iPad. This adds Pro to an iPad. Thanks for this great review @9to5Mac

Sascha Heine says:

Crazy shit. I have the windows applications but now i own a mac so i must repurchase them all :-/

Dominic Oughton says:

Could you make a video on Luma fusion?

Hi-Fi Insider says:

great video. I was eyeing this app but I need to upgrade to iPad Pro first.

Lucifer Morningstar says:

Great app, only importing images to the iPad takes a long time (cf cards) can anyone recommend me a better workflow? I now need to first upload them to google photos through my MacBook using a cf card reader.

koolkatken says:

Have both affinity for Mac and my iPad. Actually love using the iPad version most. Fantastic value app.

Phenom69ll says:

Not for Android? Wtf?

Andréas Remis says:

Just got the app. Need to learn! 1st time using photoshop like app

The OAP Biker says:

Yes indeed Affinity Photo App is simply the best on the market but then it’s British!

Andreas Ehret says:

This App is absolutely worth its money. I am using Photoshop for years and this app is very similar to Photoshop with its functionalities. Small learning curve! Absolutely fantastic. I hope, they’re doing the same with their illustrator program, creating an app version for the iPad.

Eddie Radovic says:

This app is amazing! Coming from a musical background I thought I would be lost completely but I’m having a great time discovering each feature. There is a big instal base with YouTube videos to help out as well. Definitely show support to this app/company so they continue to develop this as well as other software.

Bilal Attique says:

How much is it for on appstore?

Trea H says:

Can you sketch on here like you can for adobe photoshop

Asoldier1844 says:

Can you do a 3D pop out effect on the iPad?

Aamir Edwards says:

This app is worth every penny. It’s on sale and if you plan on buying, make sure your iPad is supported

NETVO TV says:

Been using this app since the Beta of Affinity Photo for Mac, the smoothness and the performance are really blow my mind, can’t go back to other software once I start using it! For real! Hope Affinity Designer for iPad and Affinity Publisher will out soon!

2pai TV says:

Do you know if this app can make Instagram preview videos? If you don’t know what that is then you can just type in Instagram preview videos into YouTube. Thanks!

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