Galaxy Note 9 Camera Review – Worth $1,300? | A Photographer’s Perspective

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The Galaxy Note 9 just might be our favorite Galaxy phone yet!




Melissa Hannah says:

Thank you . Maybe next Sunday. Is there a smart phone from any country that does not eat dogs ??????????

Jay says:

In hand … ON PERSON

julskechap says:

I think this is a nicely done video test

Prashant Guleria says:

So goood

Luke Beattie says:

Man, what a great camera. Great video! I would definitely switch from iPhone but I like how everything syncs with my MacBook and iPad too much :/

phani rongali says:

confusion cleared about upgrade note8 to note 9 nice review

Sereno Pittman says:

No I will keep my Note8

Sam Sarg Dong says:

Hi,thanks for the video.I’m thinking of buying this phone and the camera together with the battery are the main reasons.

I now have it clear that the colours are more realistic something which is really important for me.

I’d like to know which is the focal length of the main camera.I don”t know why but nobody talks about this feature.Bye!

photography_nikon3400 says:

I already got one on a plan it’s worth 1,800 without pre order but I pre ordered it so it’s 1500

SlushyMess says:

Can’t wait to see the note with the Anamorphic Lens

XtremeGamer says:

Awesome shots…

Selvin C says:

Not me I’m down for all the other specks and stuff so yea I’m in cant wait till it gets here coming frm a one time apple fan hack yea its worth it!

senateaustin says:

I have been shooting with the s9 plus and moment wide(+ sirui telephoto) and the results are absurdly good for a cell phone. People can’t believe the quality. Not something you want to be using for professional work but I have been having so much fun with it. Definitely overly sharpened but not a deal breaker or anything. Colors are stupid good. I have to disagree with you gents saying that the 960 fps is useless, it is actually fantastic in the right situations, you just need a fast moving subject, and the regular slomo is also amazing. Keep doing what you are doing, you guys are awesome.

Ponskippa says:

Great video. I’m waiting on Samsung to sell the black version here in the states >.<

brysenbish says:

Song at 00:29?

Motor City Dre says:

I really wanna thank u for this video. I’m a Note 8 user & I was debating if getting the Note 9 was a big enough technology jump. Even though the Note 9 is a great phone, I think I’m going to wait for the Note 10 & hope that it comes with the fingerprint sensor on the front glass. My Note 8 is not even a year old yet (as of me viewing this video) August 21st 2018. I just believe that the Note 10 will be a justifiable upgrade from the Note 8 & it will be a beast of a phone. I love taking pictures especially group pictures. There’s no more trying to find someone to take that group picture for u bc u got the S-Pen. That would turn heads. So the Note 10 better be great ! ! !

Jim Yowell says:

Just curious… You’re title says “$1,300 phone. Was that the 512 gb / 8 gb version or the 128 gb / 6 gb version that reviewers are sent?

The base version is “only” $1,000 while the top version is $1,250.

The reason I’m asking is it seems that the 8 gb version would theoretically be faster, and I was wondering if it made ANY difference.

I pre-ordered the 512 gb/8 gb version just after midnight the day it became available and its not shipping yet.

SlushyMess says:

I’m a apple user but now getting the note 9

Nevado Paul says:

I’ve never seen a professional photographer use a note phone or just a cell phone to shoot a wedding. For 1300 dollars a professional photographer will invest in the top DSLR camera or Mirroless camera that would be 10x better than a cell phone camera.

OtchengaZoom says:

Camera is perfect, but WHY THEY (Samsung) HAVE CUT IT TO 3×4 INSTEAD OF 6X19 …

Moment says:

Note 9 vs…..???

good night moon says:

love the video, so relaxing

Yolanda Rowe says:

Watched this on my Note8 (w/a cracked screen). The Note9 will be here in 2 days.

steve kno says:

You guys chose the worst place to capture/test the 4k video recording. There’s nothing movin except the one worker

reggiehil says:

Mine will be here in the morning! I love the N8 but Samsung went super conservative with this battery. So N9 it is…

Carl de Prado says:

did you film the review on the Note 9? Do you get all day battery if you
are using the moment app/ Filmic pro? Like that you give us the photos

Rolo Roach says:

Amazing phone

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