Google Photos 2018: The one-stop tutorial

Google Photos 2018– the easy way to keep your photos safe, organized and easy to find. Learn how you can use Google Photos to manage your pics and keep your precious memories safe.

In this video:

1:38 Google Photo Overview
4:58 Google Photos Demo

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MrsVMom says:

If I put photos in Goggle photos can I delete them from my desktop and still have them stay in Google Photos?

Carmen Nooner says:

Old lady here. This is a bit creepy. But, I am a dinosaur after all!

Ena Farnworth says:

How do I get my photo from my old iPad to my nw iPad

James Kristoff says:

That dudes got killer hair…

Kego talbot says:

I want to delete photos from the phone to free up storage but, leave them on the cloud. I don’t like this syncing . I just want to back up

Jennifer Chadwick says:

brilliant vid steve, how would I upload from an sd card to my google photos?

An1212 A says:

how can i delete the photos in google photos, but keep the originals on my phone? I turned off the sync option, and still it backs up my photos to google, and if i try deleting the photo from google photos, it deletes it from my phone as well.

Chuck Corriere MBA CRE says:

How can I make a tutorial video like Steve’ with my face in the video I’m explaining?

Science-is-god says:

OK, this seems like something that would be very useful.
However I have a question! What is the source of all these photos?
Yes, I know they are photos on my ANDROID PHONE, but is that ALL.
Can I load up photos from OTHER SOURCES, such as photos from my IOS devices, photos from other cameras stored on other hard drives.
If so how do I actually do it.
So how do I move my photos from other places to GOOGLE PHOTO.

Milton Brownrigg says:

Yes I rely on Google Photos. Slow to sync though. Thanks Steve

Julie Boyd says:

Not helpful.  I have a need to label photos.  Still don’t know how.

Duane & Beverly Dinnel says:

I am unable to see the box with faces (or as the video shows, the row with faces) at Search. I went to Settings: Group Similar Faces and changed it to allow Face Grouping and Show People With Pets; but the faces still do not come up under Search. Thanks for whatever help you can give.

Bill Morgan says:

Thanks for Sharing! That was very Helpful! I use 2 separate onsite USB drives, alternating monthly backup using Active @ Disk Image! It does work

Virginia jerric says:

I use a Western Digital 3 terabyte external drive.

Pat DivaDzigns Hunley says:

I been using Google photos to back up photos from my Apple devices. I then delete from my phone iPad etc. Are you saying this is not enough of a backup?

Mark Alvin Chua says:

I believe there is one thing that was left out as one of Google photo’s compromises for the free service (apart from what Google does with the photos and videos). When you upload photos and videos there, though they have the same resolution for those under 16 MP and 1080p, they are more compressed versions of them. Thus some details will be lost though barely noticeable if at all. You will notice this when you try to download those images and videos you uploaded. They are significantly lower in file size. Correct me if I am wrong.

Nevetheless, I am an avid user of it. The pros heavily outweighs the cons. And I love the fact that I have access to all my photos wherever I have access to Google.

707SonomaComa says:

There is such an incredibly insane long amount of rattling on here I could not find out how to actually upload pictures from my PC to Google Photos.
Did you even show that part ??!!

Wilma Galvan says:

Thank you, very helpful video

Patricia Stewart says:

I found a photo that I’ve been looking for. Search found it for me!!!! Thank you Dottotech.

Lorraine P B says:

I just downloaded google photos to backup my pics from my phone. Any suggestions on where to primarly back up my pics to? I have an old pc and I am afraid of backing them up onto that for fear of loosing them there. ANY suggestions? Pls help, Mr Wise man. 🙂

Lilbird says:

All 3,000 of my photos in google photos disapeared in 2016. Make sure uou have copies. Will never see them again. I turned off sinc and they still dissapeared. I was signed into google with 2 step verification in 2016 and i never got them back and i am a photographer.

Leon Botha says:

Hi there, thank you for an informative video. I have a question. As you mentioned I also use Google Drive to backup all photos and videos that I take. I copy these manually from my computer eg. the videos I take with my drone directly to Google Drive. I have noticed that these videos and photos also appear in Google Photos. As these videos are hobby and work related I dont want them in Google photos.
Any idea how one can stop this happening?

Mohammad Hasan says:

Love Google photos and I am an ardent users having thousands of pictures uploaded into dozens of albums. I do however wish it had a few more features. 1. One should have an easy way to backup all the uploaded images on Google photos to a personal external device. 2. Albums should be arrangable , i.e. if you have 100 albums then how do you arrange them in a sequence of your choice. 3. Fancy slideshows should be there instead of just a basic one..Let me know if there is easy workaround for these..

Nick Paul says:

totally lost on your video I am not good navigating on the cell phone were not all wizards with all this stuff my google photo will not take any more pictures how do I correct it talk to the people who cant fix this not just the ones who are having a great time having it work perfectly who cares about them

Gwyn Jones says:

Back up for stills ?…… Just use your memory card once & file in a safe place


How do I completely delete google photos? I don’t any of my photos on google… just on my phone.

Debbie says:

Your videos are absolutely awesome!!!

shyfox says:

Omg thank you so much

II Verxzy says:

If you erase a photo on your phone it erases it on google photos!! Please help

Aman Gupta says:

How to use colorpop

GeneKoro says:

Great presentation — thanks much. Maybe you could cut the volume of the distracting background :music a tad.

Geoff Lane says:

I find Google backups confusing. Never sure if copies on photos and drive are identical copies or links to one or the other.

Desert Coastal Survival says:

Thank you posting this video. I have been searching for a better photo storage service and discovered Google photos, found some video content for my old youtube channel I thought was long gone. I enjoy watching your videos, very clear and in depth.

The Danielnator says:

This guy needs to brush his teeth.

Rod Sapyta says:

HOW do I DELETE all my photos.from google

Alan Zimmerman says:

Ok So Google Photos is all warm and fuzzy. It stores your photos. So do about 25 other photo apps. I want to pull up a photo, jot a note on it and send it to a friend. Not a huge request, actually quite simple. GOOGLE PHOTOS CANNOT DELIVER ON THIS REQUEST.

Scott Ahlsmith says:

I have JPG and RAW photo files scattered over multiple drives, cloud services, and directories. Is there an application that will move all of these files into Google Photos?

Iztok Vencelj says:

Unlimited space for picture archive? Yes under 1 condition: not to be stored in high quality, otherwise you have to buy some more free space soon.

Tom Livengood says:

I selected High Quality but was disappointed with the clarity on some of my most treasured photos. I am unable to figure out how to reload them to Photos using Original quality. If I delete the HQ photo it also deletes the original from my iPhotos. How do I accomplish this?

Johnny Gee Jr says:

Thanks Steve excellent , cheers and congrats on your wedding !

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