Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus

Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus

1. AfterFocus

2. FabFocus

3. Portrait Blur

4. Big Lens

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GuTzd says:


shyam 18 says:

Big lens

Shahrukh Raza says:

They are paid apps

Chandan Gupta says:

which one you use?

Harsh Jani says:

I used TADAA SLR but big lens is awesome

KenwolfMC says:


*more or less*

What the fuck do you mean you dumb fuck

Cyrill Deodoco says:

after focus is really good

Aamir khan says:

Can you send me big Lena application
Please sir please

Green Tea says:

pixomatic is the best

Akash pawar says:

I can install any phone ???

Hrishabh Bairagi says:

Thanks a ton 😀

Zareena Khatoon says:

Google camera is best from all these apps

Abdul Adil says:

I have Lenovo k8 plus why I am here

Saif Wazed says:

How can i download protrait blur for android ?

piya s says:

heyyy guys if u wanna get iphone 4 for just 8 thousand rupees just call mee 8277601040/7349136600 this is true guys please belive me or visit my channel (piya s)

Rahul Joshi says:

Very Nice!!

Mushfiq Amin says:

Not First

Shehryar Sajid says:


Bilal Momin says:

What about PicsArt

1nshal Abbasi says:

No greetings to followrrs??

Mony Mony says:


Dustin Maki says:

There is another one called Patch that I’ve been using and works ALOT better then some of these.

Rahul Saarsar says:

How to download these apps

Cutie Pie says:

I have to paid the three apps

Aamir khan says:

Big Lens please sir I know I will subscribe your channel and also like your all videos

SmileVibes MSP says:

Nice getting Big lens app now

Maad West says:

after focus and best lens is the Best !!!!

mezeiigabi says:

Thanks man. I have found only apps with manual editing until now. Afterfocus is amazing! 🙂 @PhoneArena

arebut69 says:

Omg he’s bald.

Delquez Williams says:

Thanks for the tips. Honestly that’s the only reason I really want to upgrade

MAGIC REVERSED creative4magic says:

Hey phone Arena have you acted in any movie in Malayalam . ..south India???

teCHamp says:

Thank you!

GamingGen says:

In windows phone, there’s an app called lumia creative studio

84neilbone says:

Nice sweater dude

british bulldog says:

русский чтоль?

50 subs no videos?? says:

I have a 7Plus why am I here

ics6800 says:

Which one is better?

Ankush Verma says:

Google camera has lens blur option too and works very well you don’t even need to edit the picture just like iPhone 7 +

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