How to Edit Photos on Your Phone: Apps and Presets

Tutorial of tips and apps edit your mobile photography on an iPhone like a professional.
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Gear used for this video (affiliate links)

Clear iPhone XR case
Canon C200
Sigma 18-35mm
Sony A7III
Sony 28mm 2.0
Deity S-Mic 2
My background

The Best Photo Apps for iPhone

Google Photos
Lens Distortions


Ivan Suoth says:

Love it, Tyler!

Shirosa Salamats says:

Man…..make more video…..
Your style is unique on YouTube
Sheer !!

Nicolas Koop says:

Thank you for this videos. On my Android Smartphone I mostly use Snapseed and VSCO for editing.

Villary Hanson says:

Just what I need, thanks Tyler!

Quinten Verniers says:

Really cool video. I am starting to learn photography and a simple overview of what each slider does in any editing app is really helpful. Also: WOW those pictures are amazing!

Juancho Pastero says:

I am happy that he mentioned the fur tone

Indiana Summers says:

VSCO gang.

Izaiah says:

Omg I would love you as a photography teacher

Santito - Tech says:

Affinity photo is the best for editing photos in my opinion.

Jovaney Ashman says:

Hey Tyler, where’s the iPhone XR Review?

Mwala Mulenga says:

Moment pro app vs halide . I would love to know which is better

Kotodama Midnight says:

thanks a ton for this !

Bailey Munro says:

Great video! Always love learning from you. You got a great eye and your work is incredible!

Noha Riad says:

Last part was very helpful. Thank you so much. Subscribed!

Mateo Méndez says:

Doesn’t Snapseed do all this for free?

Fabio Mota says:

Nice video, Darkroom is my favorite photo editing app on my iPhone and iPad, I even use it for the photos from my mirrorless camera sometimes. Also, there‘s the app „Ultralight“ which is app of the day on the iOS App Store today. I’m currently testing it and liking it so far, you might like it as well. But I think at the moment nothing beats Darkroom, for me at least. I‘ve really been enjoying Darkroom for a long time, it’s so good it would almost be a good reason never to leave iOS since it‘s an iOS only app ^^

cazzaparr says:

Another fantastic video. It seems you’re immune to making a bad one!

Momo says:

THANK YOU! I’ve been yearning for a video like this and I’m so glad you of all people decided to make one. So grateful for the insight.

One thing I was wondering is how do you tune the display of the phone itself (brightness, colour profile)? As you know, phones vary widely in how the display colours. A photo viewed on a Pixel 3 can look different when viewed on an iPhone XS! How do you ensure uniformity?

BTS JinMin Army says:

I learned a lot from this video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi says:

Thanks man. I really appreciate that ..

Shreyas Nagaraj says:

I thought that thumbnail is messi

vignesh padmanabhan says:

Great video ! More videos like this needed !

Jeff Asante says:

Thank you for this man!!!!!

Isaac Alonzo says:

Google photo gives you two options for storage, you can either compress the files a bit and have unlimited storage or upload the full size and use your available free space (or purchased more). Also you can create a way better preset in snapseed with a ton more of flexibility.

Osman Bilal Lee says:

Am I the only who, for a second thought that that was Lionel Messi?

Pranil dhakal says:

I thought it was Messi in the thumbnail.

Sagar Shah says:

2. *Lightroom CC*

Tropikal Sunshine says:

Awseome video. Do you shoot with your iPhone or import from your camera to edit those?

Teddie Danh says:

Hi Tyler, just want to say your video has great content and really on point. It does help me a lot with editing photo on my Iphone.
Please keep uploading video like this. Greeting from Vietnam.

melvin borntowin says:

Why not using snapseed pls make a video it and cropping is much better on native iOS photo app where it darkens outside that won’t make distract

Rubén Rodrigo says:

Loved it Tyler. Thank you so much!

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