How to Make your PHOTOS look BETTER w/ Lens Distortions!

Lens Distortions is an iPhone app I use to make my photos look better by editing existing photographs.

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Kevin Chan says:

Why u click bait me with iPhone X.

Janas Khan says:

@armandoferreira there is an aap for android that do pretty much the same. It’s picsart

shea Hill says:

Nice interesting video. I’m beginning to get into taking pictures with my iPhone.

Shaun Mabote says:

man apples screen capture makes life so much easier for tutorials. yet I’m here and I haven’t updated my phone to ios11. wifi
my biggest foe

Rareș Mihalache says:

Kalos Filter for android users (i don’t know if is available in appstore)

Brandon Nathan Meagher says:

there is an app called “youcam perfect” for ios and android, and a cool app on your phone called adobe lightroom cc i think it is also for both android and ios

PhazonBlaxor says:

Maybe I’m just old-school, but I like to edit my pictures on Photoshop. All of these are super easy to do, and if you know what you are doing you can make the effects look even better (use layer masks to limit the effects to background only for instance, paint over specific parts of the picture to fix/give pop to colors, etc.).

But I suppose an app like this is convenient and much easier for most people, and you can do the edit directly on your phone. But it’s obviously really limited compared to Photoshop.

Tellz_B says:

I remembered watching this video, and I loved the app you use for photo effects. I ran across an app for Android with the exact features and thought I would share it.

Leon Funchess says:

did you take that metallica concert photo on your phone?

Sarthak Harshe says:

Awesome! I do this on Photoshop but i am also looking for an android app!

iNaughty 77 says:

Superb video.. please continue .. Especially more app videos like these would be awesome

Armando Ferreira says:

Looks like it’s coming to Android!

Simona Catalfo says:

Nice app! For Android I know Filterbox and Kalos Filter

Manlet Fitness says:

I don’t know if Pics Art is on samsung but it has a lot of similar features

Rajeshwari Choudhury says:

Its now in android too… But still in unreleased state.

TechDetour says:

Armando………. New style is amazing

Shadow Nickstar says:

polarr photo editor

Idris Gsmalla says:

I like it. Just share with us every thing you like. Personally I am here because I like you as a person and I will be interested in every thing intrged you.

Fabio Mota says:

There‘s another great iOS only app called „Mextures“ which offers lots of effects, one of the categories being „light leaks“.

For Android, I found a similar one called „Mexture Lab Double Exposure“. You might check it out. Not the same as the one you showed us here, but has „light leaks“ effects.

keith Rivera says:

I have Lens Distorsion beta on my Android.

TechDetour says:

Lens flares are available in pics art i belive…. Never used it though

ANEXIA says:

Please, make more video like this)

Salman Khan says:

It is not fair

Armando Ferreira says:

Lens Distortions is now available on Android!:

Gk says:

I like this style of video

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